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How to Develop Doctor-Patient Portal?

The idea of adopting a Doctor-Patient portal has benefited not only patients but doctors as well. In fact, this idea has been such a success that patient’s online medical portals over doctor visits. Such portals aim at a user-friendly interface that any patient can easily understand. Similarly, there are various Health Care App Development Companies that have helped to cut down the dependence of the medical staff through their products and services.

Developing a doctor-patient portal is not as challenging as making your patients use them. A good marketing strategy right from the start can contribute to a successful portal. Patients can perform multiple tasks at ease with the help of an efficient portal. Right from online appointments to updating medical records, the portal should be easy to grasp. Such portals help in taking the doctor-patient relationship to a whole new level.

What are the advantages of a doctor-patient portal?

Consider what are the functions you want to put in the portal for your patients to access. It is important to get a clear picture about your requirements so that the development of the portal isn’t overpriced. A successful portal can help you with various factors such as communicating with your patients on a daily basis if required, providing quick results, fast prescription process and saving your patient the travel time to your clinic. However, there are certain factors that should be included in a portal which are beneficial for your patients.

Top-notch Interface:

The most important aspect is to make an easy-to-use portal. This ensures that patients would be more interested in using a website that provides essential features such as patient forms, online bill payment options, appointment requests and cancellations, a wallet to keep your health records, mobile-friendly design, engagement reporting, etc.

Recall notification:

Automated emails, text messages, and push notifications is an excellent idea for setting up a reminder for your patients. This factor can help you increase work efficiency without getting the staff involved.

Simple functionality:

Patients with chronic conditions and senior citizens would prefer the online patient portal over clinic visits only if is much easier to work on than visiting a doctor. Your portal can give you an edge over other portals only if it is designed differently and serves the right purpose. If a patient is able to upload/ download medical documents, update medical history, setup up quick appointments, and various other aspects through a portal, chances are it becomes a success.

Additional information:

It is vital to provide patients the flexibility of accessing more information and a proper insight on their own reports. Whether it is a medical diagnosis or procedure or immunization, it is important that your portals offer such an option.

Improving quality:

Apart from a well-built healthcare application, a patient needs encouragement. A personalized message from the doctor stating about health and wellness can bring a good change in a patient’s life. A proactive outreach on the portal from your doctor certainly helps.

Excellent database record:

A portal should be able to reflect the history of the previous illness, medication history, diagnosis, and doctors who were treating patients. This not only saves time but also helps in understanding the root cause of the patient’s illness.


An emergency can occur anytime during the day, for this, a doctor-patient portal has doctor-on-call. This feature should help you to get instant assistance with a physician.


The doctor-patient portal is like a two-way street. The doctors and assistants are responsible for updating the portal and uploading the patient’s test results. Whereas, patients equally need to show interest in using online portals over doctor visitations. Active participation from the customers can help in improving the responsiveness of the portal. While developing a doctor-patient portal, you should always ensure that the interface for the site is simple.

Last modified: 31 Jul 2020