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driverless delivery app

How To Develop Driverless Delivery Mobile App?

The retail ecosystem is gradually leveraging the emerging technology of autonomous vehicles for doorstep deliveries of products. Autonomous vehicle delivery includes deliveries made by driverless cars, drones, and robots. Although in a very nascent stage, it is expected that almost 80% of deliveries will be made using the autonomous vehicle mode in the coming future. In fact, the governments in the US have started adopting and approving autonomous vehicles.

By 2025, driverless deliveries may become one of the most important sources for deliveries making up for 85% of last-mile deliveries, which will reduce costs and delivery time significantly. With major grocers and food retailers forming partnerships with tech companies for driverless deliveries, it is a great opportunity to be an early bird in developing driverless delivery mobile app. We would further discuss how to develop a driverless delivery mobile app to gain a competitive edge in the industry.

In the US, Walmart, Ford and Postmates Inc collaborated to design a driverless delivery vehicle to deliver groceries and other products to the customers of Walmart.

How To Build Driverless Delivery Mobile App?

The market for driverless delivery is still at a nascent stage, which means you can make the most of it by developing your own driverless delivery mobile app. To start a driverless delivery mobile app, you should follow the below steps.

  1. Choose Your Niche – At the first step to build a driverless delivery mobile app you should know which niche your app will cater to. Driverless delivery is a vast concept which allows delivery of food, grocery, or any other item that comes to mind. Perform research and carefully analyze the market and target audience before deciding which niche you want to get into. Analyze the features and strategies that your competitors are using within their mobile apps, so as to get a better idea of what uniqueness you can offer through your app. The success of your driverless delivery mobile app, lies in the innovation and value proposition you provide.
  2. Driverless Delivery Mobile App Development Company – Once you have a firm plan in mind and have figured out your marketing strategies, you will need to hire a software development company to develop a driverless delivery mobile app. Finding the right app development company can be a bit of a challenge as there are numerous software development companies on the net that claim to provide the best services.  This step is crucial for the success of your app as the quality of services provided by the developers you hire will decide how good your app will be. The good news is that not many companies have realized the potential of driverless delivery mobile apps and therefore may not offer those services. However, Enuke Software is always a step ahead in grabbing the trending opportunities and provides best-in-class driverless delivery mobile app development services.
  3. Technology Stack – The software development company you hire will help you choose the right technology based on your budget, business needs, features you want to integrate on the app and the platform you want to launch your app on. The choice of technology stack will also impact the cost of development. 
  4. Features Of The App – The next step requires you to decide the features to go on your app based on the value proposition you offer. The app would be made up of three panels which are a customer panel, delivery panel, and admin panel respectively. Each panel would contain basic and advanced features to provide convenience and ease of use to every app user. Some of the must-have features on the driverless delivery mobile app are geo-location, delivery tracking, multiple payment integration, notifications, scheduling delivery time,   The design of the app should be visually appealing while having a great UI/UX and providing ease of navigation. 
  5. Launch Your App – After the design and development for your app have been completed, the developers put your app through a testing phase where any bugs and errors are fixed so that your app runs smoothly. Once the testing is done, your driverless delivery mobile app is ready to be launched in the market. At this point, your marketing and promotion activities can be implemented in force to create visibility and awareness about your app.

What Is The Cost of Driverless Delivery Mobile App Development?

Cost is the major factor that influences your decisions regarding hiring a software development company and the design, features & functionality of your app. The cost of mobile app development will depend on the kind of features and functionality of your app and several other factors such as the location of the development team, the reputation of the company, etc. 

A highly complex app with the most advanced features will cost a lot more than a basic functionality app with simple features. Further, developers in different regions charge different hourly rates which impact the cost of development. For instance, developers in India and Indonesia are the most economical for app development whereas those in the US and Europe charge relatively higher hourly rates.

That being said since the concept of driverless delivery mobile apps is fairly new and not many software development companies provide this as a service, the cost of development may vary from company to company. Therefore, it is best to carefully analyze your options by consulting companies and go with the best one available.


The technology being used for driverless deliveries is a promising one with the potential to transform the automotive industry, transportation sector, cities, and delivery experiences. Driverless delivery is a trending topic amongst corporates and the automotive industry. Therefore, if you wish to be an early bird to grab this opportunity of developing driverless delivery mobile app, Enuke Software is the go-to option. 

Enuke is a leading software development company that stays one step ahead and updated about the trending topics to help clients leverage the best of different lucrative markets. The team of developers at Enuke is astute in realizing market opportunities to develop a brilliant driverless delivery mobile app for your business to leverage the lucrative market.

Last modified: 21 Jan 2020