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How to Generate B2B Leads?

It is the deepest desire of most entrepreneurs and business owners to generate more and more leads for their business because a business without quality leads is like a car without engine, no matter how much fuel you put into it, it’s going to take you no where.

However, the task of successful quality lead generation is made up of certain activities that require consistent efforts and demand full attention.

This article “How to Generate B2B Leads?” outlines all the major aspects to take care of to generate positive leads for your business.

There are many methods that generate leads but effective B2B lead generation is still rooted on tradional methods like referrals, and e-mail marketing.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is the most traditional yet most effective channel for lead generation.

This channel takes complete advantage of impulse buying. Email Newsletters can drive leads like no other channel.

The best part of Email Marketing is it does not necessarily require huge teams or much efforts. All it needs is certain fancy templates, and some creative thinking.

A great advantage of Email Marketing is that subscribers can easily share the word with their friends.

Content Marketing

When executed efficiently, content marketing efforts help immensely in generating leads. Ontent Marketing uses blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media sites as a driver for leads.

Make some creative content marketing strategies, and you will surely be able to generate loads of quality B2B leads for your business.

Search Marketing

Search Marketing is one of the most valuable channel for generating B2B leads. Search Marketing (SEM) is the most cost efficient way to reach the target audience for businesses of all types and sizes.

All that Search Marketing, both paid and non-paid, requires is some concise and some good research on relevant keywords.

Social Media

Social Media, especially LinkedIn has proven to be a greatest contributer of B2B leads. Make sure you have marked your presence on all social media and participate in groups and conversations.

Join some highly populated groups on LinkedIn, and spend time in participating in conversations and pitching your products and services.


Whatever is the size of your organization, a website is the essential tool for generating leads.

A great website reflects the quality of products or services that a business can provide, and helps in generating trust factor among your website visitors.

Also, search engines continue to evolve, awebsite should always be work in progress. It is the sites that are proactively managed and updated bring more quality B2B leads.

Mobile App

Mobile App are lately becoming an important channel to generate leads. A business having an interactive mobile app always stands ahead of the business without a mobile app.

To build a Mobile App, there’s no need for you to learn programming or hire a technical team. You can simply contact any good Mobile App Development Company.

These are most efficient channels for B2B Lead Generation. How you use a Lead Generation Channel is much more important that what Lead Generation Channel you are using.

Every Lead Generation Channel demands creativity and strategy to work effectively.

Also, one must understand that what works for one type of business might not work well for another type of business. Also, some channels result in more lead generation and some result in more success than others.

If you think some more information should be added to this article “How to Generate B2B Leads?”, please mention in the comment section.


Last modified: 5 Feb 2016