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How to Hire iPhone App Developers in 2020?

Apple Inc. is rumored to launch its next flagship smartphone- iPhone 6 next month along with a wearable named “iWatch”. The iPhone 5S was launched at the same time last year. It took the market like a storm and over 9 million smartphones were sold in the first three days. Everyone accepts the fact that since its inception, iPhone has gained popularity like no other smartphone. Hence, most of the businesses want to reach out to their potential customer base through iPhone apps.

In order to get an engaging and easy-to-use iPhone app, businesses hire iPhone app developers but usually end up dissatisfied. So, you should be very careful and think of various factors before hiring an iPhone development company.
Today, the IT field has developed so much that you will get professional iPhone app developers in every corner of the world. But are they worth of transforming your idea and requirements into a winning iPhone app?

What are the steps to hire iPhone app developers?

There are people who don’t have technical knowledge but want a mobile app to reach out to their potential customers. They don’t know much about the entire software development process and find it difficult to get reliable iPhone app developers. To all those companies- before handling your entire app idea to a development firm, stop and dig out some more about them. High prices don’t always guarantee better results and quality. You can hire professional iOS app programmers by following these simple steps-

Analyzing Your Vision before Fixing your Requirements

If you have a clear vision about your requirements, go straight to a professional iPhone app developer. In case you are confused about the exact look and functionalities of the app that will best suit your business, then you should rather wait and analyze your requirements and the best possibilities. Apple App Store could be the best place to get some inspirations. Look at similar apps and come up with the best solutions. Do not reinvent the wheel again and again. Remember, no one can understand your business requirements better than you yourself can do. So, it is strongly suggested that you should first decide your exact requirements and then hire iPhone app developers.

Take a look at their portfolio

Almost every iPhone app development company says that they are the best with what they have done in the past. They can show a lot of things on their websites that will make you go wow! But that is not enough. It is always the quality of their work which speaks the truth. After you posted your requirements somewhere like oDesk and Elance and you got some proposals from some iPhone development firms, shortlist those who emphasize more on their portfolio. Have a detailed look at what they have done in the past and is there relevant work in their portfolio. If they have done similar jobs in the past, it is going to an added advantage for you.

Always try to hire those iPhone application developers which have some relevant experience. The cost and other factors may vary up to an extent but the past experience is what matters the most.

What is their experience and expertise?

Before finalizing your offshore software development company, please check if their developers are capable to handle all sorts of complexities of iOS. Always check for the relevant experience of the iPhone app developers you are hiring. Prioritize your developers’ list by putting the companies having relevant experience on the top.

Is their knowledge updated?

With the advent of iOS 8, new programming languages like SWIFT and HealthKit, iPhone app development has changed a lot. The widely accepted Objective C is going to take the back seat. Almost 30% of the iPhone developer’s community has shifted down to Swift in just three weeks.

If you get so many advancements in the latest platforms, you will always try to have your app on that platform only. In addition to this, Apple has introduced HealthKit, an innovative API that puts all your health and fitness-related data at one interface and other apps can access it according to their functionalities. So, in order to get the maximum out of these potential functionalities, you should hire iPhone app developers India which are well-versed with these technicalities.

Do they offer support and upgrades?

Here lies the main difference between iPhone development companies and developers and this is where the companies have an added advantage- Support and Upgradations. Companies have a properly organized and coordinated team of developers, designers and testers and thus, they provide you one-stop complete solutions to transform your ideas and requirements into a high-end app. You will get all the experts for bug and error fixing, various upgradations and integrations and even technical support for your future needs.

What is their expertise on other popular platforms?

In the vast world of iPhone app development, everyone starts with iOS and as they gain some popularity, they want to try their hands on other platforms as well. So, you should keep these things in mind before hiring iPhone app developers India. Your development partner should have expertise on every popular platform like iOS, Android, and Windows. This will make sure that in the future, when the app gains some heat on one platform, you can immediately introduce it to other platforms in order to make the maximum out of it.

Last modified: 28 Jul 2020