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mobile app engagement

How to Increase Mobile App Engagement?

A recent study regarding the tech trends reveals that nearly 20% of the applications get used only once and abandoned thereafter. There might be many reasons behind this cause. Therefore, we need to find out the reason why mobile app engagement is getting affected. Moreover, what could be the ways through which it can be increased?

What is Mobile App Engagement?

Mobile app engagement refers to the engagement of the user with the app, that how much the application is able to indulge the user into itself. According to a subjective metric, an engaged application must have over 10 plus sessions as a monthly banner. Therefore, a strong user-base is the final combination of steps or hard work, that works all together.

Why should it be adopted?

In this highly tech-enabled phase, when we cannot move a step with a smartphone and all of the credits are to be given to the Mobile App Development Companies,  we are expecting the things to be done with the help of mobile apps only. These days, smartphones are occupied with over 100 of mobile applications. It is very easy for your own app to be lost in there. So you must find out the ways which will surely increase your mobile app engagement.

What should be the strategy?

Well, let us accept that every kind of industry has its different strategies but there some common tips that to be accepted by every industry in order to increase their mobile app engagement, as we all are aware, the digital means of marketing are proven to be the best way though. Let us have an eye over the most effective ways of increasing mobile app engagement.

1. Speed up your application

  • Society’s demands are increasing day by day
  • There is a tough competition in regards to marketing their apps and features in terms of speed, better you come up with solutions that provide better speed optimizations.

2. Provide Push Notifications

  • Push notifications bring back the customers without spamming them
  • Push notifications today can be very tailored and customized
  • You can target devices, platforms, users who have performed certain actions

3. Provide Linking Quality

  • Notifications, whether via SMS or push, are even more powerful when using deep linking in your app
  • Google, Apple, and others are continuing to invest into their approaches for deep linking.

4. Provide easy ways to reach the admin

  • Feedback from users is the lifeblood of your app and a simple way to increase engagement.
  • Provide easy access to your knowledge base or FAQ as well as how to get in touch with you
  • Users place feedback directly into an app store review instead of sharing it with you
  • Don’t make it up to your users to track you down.

5. First Impression always retains

  • The focus of the app developer should be on simplicity and intuitive design
  • It is a fact that the developers should be able to provide the first attempt to be attractive
  • The latest trend in the app marketplace is to launch a walkthrough or guided tour to introduce the app and demonstrate what the app has to offer.
  • Apps can also have overlay help screens to facilitate easy understanding of app’s features and interface.

6. Offer rewards to retain customers

  • Undoubtedly, 90% of the users download the applications  in order to avail some discount or some offer
  • App rewards not only delight first time users and increase download but also boost brand loyalty and increases user retention

These days, developing an app is not an appreciable task, but to keep it with high customer demands and rating is a big thing. Investing into an app is not everything, the app has to fulfill the company’s overall goals with maintaining its brand loyalty,also the mobile app engagement is to be increased and it must be handled with a strong product and marketing strategy.

Last modified: 30 Jun 2020