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How to Manage Your Phone Apps?

mobile apps manage

Managing your phone apps is crucial for several reasons. It allows you to take care of your storage space and ensure that all the apps function without a problem. If the device has too many apps, some of them might fail and crash. Another reason is that some apps can take up a lot of the phone’s RAM. It means that your device’s overall performance will slow down. Therefore, it pays to find ways to manage the phone. Here are some tips to consider. 

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Remove useless apps

Go through your device again and check if there are useless apps or apps that you barely even use. If you don’t think they’re necessary, uninstall them. You may download them again later if you need to use them. Keep the important ones like the apps used for online casinos. You want to access them right away if you’re in the mood to play. Check NetBet if you wish to get entertained by the best online casino games. 

Constantly delete the cookies

You might also realise that there are apps on your phone that you didn’t even download. They might be due to the presence of cookies. The sites visited or the other apps downloaded might cause them. Always check if there are unfamiliar apps since some of them might be viruses or malware. You don’t want them lingering on your phone. 

Use app managers

You may also download app managers to help you manage these apps without manually doing it yourself. The process is easier and faster. Premium managing apps might come with a price, but they’re worth it. 

Check if the apps need an update

Some apps won’t run if they do not have the updated version. You can check your phone’s settings and see if it’s possible to make the updates automatically. You won’t have to regularly check the apps since the phone does everything on its own. If the app doesn’t have a recent update, the developers have already discontinued it. Check if there are newer versions under a different name. 

Group the apps

It’s also possible to group your apps under the same folder. You can change the heading and identify what the groups of apps are for. In doing so, you won’t have a hard time looking at the apps you wish to use. You can also rearrange everything and prioritise the most important ones. Keep them on the primary screen, and the non-essentials can stay at the back.

Move some apps to your external drive

For Android phones, external drives are usually available. They help expand the phone memory. You don’t have to limit yourself to the available internal storage. Transfer some of your apps to the external drive to avoid losing them. It’s also an alternative if you don’t want to delete anything. 

With these tips, finding the apps you need to use won’t be a problem anymore. You can also enjoy your device as there won’t be crashes and malfunctions. 

Last modified: 21 Oct 2022