How to Start Online Grocery Delivery Start-up?

Grocery sells, no matter what is the state of economy and Online Delivery Business seems to become more crowded and more and more competitive each day.

Online Grocery Delivery Industry is rapidly expanding lately. Online Grocery Shopping is a life saver for someone who doesn’t like to go and shop for groceries. It is replacing the concept of traditional grocery shopping by enabling people shopping right from the home for all the necessary items without any chore.  It is convenient, saves time and fuel.

How an Online Grocery Delivery Business Works?

Whenever someone places an order using your Grocery Delivery App or Website, you immediately receive a notification about the order and also a message with all the details of the order. You then process the order in most efficient of ways to create trust factor among users and even restaurants.

How should it be started?

The very first step of starting any online business is to make a thorough business plan and marketing strategy.

Once you have a plan ready for your Online Grocery Delivery Start-up, reach out for a good Online Grocery Delivery AppDevelopment Company and get your app or website developed.

Now that you have a well-defined app or website with you, start gathering the resources required to set up the business like delivery boys, internet, telephone system, etc.

Since you are planning to set-up a business in a high competition industry, put in a lot of efforts in advertising and marketing so more and more people are aware of your services. Also, mark your presence on all social media. Make yourself as much visible as possible.

The right steps will definitely flood you with loads of orders.

How much investment is required?

To start Online Grocery Delivery Start-up, you will be needing an app/a website, telephone system, Internet connection, delivery boys, bikes, and of course marketing. Excluding marketing it will cost you somewhere around 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs.

What challenges will I be facing?

Only a few names have been able to start Online Grocery Delivery Start-up efficiently and effectively because they found some or other to challenges faced by them. Here are some challenges you will surely be facing while establishing and running Online Grocery Delivery Start-up.

  • Online Grocery Delivery Services are a low margin game. You need to make effective strategies to make your profits.
  • Differentiating yourself – With the growth of industry and popularity of service, your competition is increasing day by day. You need to think something real out of the box to make your business stand out from the rest.
  • Creating loyal customers or getting on time buyer turn into repeated customer is another major challenge.
  • Making handling, packaging and deliveries cost effective for your business.


The best thing about Online Grocery Delivery Business is a capital intensive business and is yet to be cracked for maximum profits. So, you can start afresh with some new strategy and try to make it a huge success setting up a role model for others looking forward to start Online Grocery Delivery Business.

I hope this article gives you the answer for “How to Start Online Grocery Delivery Start-up?”

Wish you All the Best!

Last modified: 7 Jan 2016

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