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There are many futuristic claims which have become a topic of discussions these days related to the Interactions between humans and Technology. Here, we are going to discuss about them one by one. Just take a ride to the wonderland of magic and get to know about some mind-boggling science fiction fantasies which will open up new ideas for the new world of excitement.

As almost every human has created a virtual duplicate of theirs in the form of their digital versions comprising of their emails, messages, search and shopping behaviour, and social media actions, they have become simulation models for visionaries like Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is an American entrepreneur, investor and inventor. He is the founder of Tesla Motors, Co-founder of PayPal and commercial Space Company SpaceX, Chairman of SolarCity. He has many plans to come up with some of the roller coaster disruptive technologies for the future. Let’s discuss some of the weirdest ideas of Elon Musk which he aspires to transform to reality and continuously working towards it.

Brain Transplant for Evolved Intelligence: At the Annual Code Conference conducted at South California, tech billionaire Elon Musk shared his ideas about layering human brains with through Neural Lace to get win of Human Intelligence over Artificial Intelligence.

Neural lace is a grid of short wires that can be implanted through injections which can adjust and integrate it with living neurons and secretly listen to their chit-chats just like a sneak or a professional detective. It paves its way to interface with activity of human’s brain. Musk says that neural laces are a possible solution to enhance the cognitive capacities of our minds necessary to rule over the robots in future.

The world of electric, driverless cars: Tesla Motors Model X, recently released is already a fully electric car which can pick up speed from zero to 60 miles/hour in just a matter of 3.2 seconds, Elon Musk will just not settle without making driverless cars with all the requirements of license, navigation, artificial intelligence and other important points associated to it.

Planes without Runaways will be a Reality: One of the other adventures he talks about is innovating the way Planes take off. He wishes to add electric, supersonic carriers which are able to transport passengers at ultrafast speeds by lifting the craft straight in the air just like a rocket takes off and delivering the passengers back safely at their destination. The work has already started as he is connected with Hyperloop, a high speed transformation system and also a proponent of a VTOL supersonic jet aircraft. God Damn, how to make a battery so powerful, let’s leave it to Elon to wonder about!!!

Drive over the lakes: Now, you can live the gaming world of videogames where in a moment car running over the road can get transform to sail in river. So, imagine the batman giving you a call to exchange his mobile car with yours. It can be possible too with a brain functioning like that of Musk.

Plan a vacation to Mars: Want to get to some adventurous place on a trip with family and friends. Mars is not that far-off! Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, has signed an agreement with NASA to deliver human cargos at the Red planet.

Let’s just wait and watch for some more overwhelming and startling announcements. The day is not far off when Elon can think of walking trees or trees implanting other trees to solve the problem of global warming or the humans changing their faces if they are bored of their old looks and want to change their jobs for certain time. The Game of thrones lovers, movie could also turn into a reality. Just have your fingers crossed!!!

Last modified: 16 Sep 2016


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