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Laravel 5: The New King of PHP Frameworks

Laravel- a PHP framework that gained success and attention in a very short period of time and has been nowadays trending on Google. The question arises that what makes Laravel stand out the others in row. Well! There are a number of reasons behind the attention that Laravel receives from developers all round the world.

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 So why Laravel?

 Lately, my comment box and emails were flooded by queries and doubts, who wished to know so as why to give Laravel preference over other frameworks. What makes it beat the completion in the market and what made it turn into hot favourites of developers.

Here are some reasons:


Laravel has a bag full of amazing features that provides it power to take the industry by storm.

Many of us (PHP developers) have begun their journey to learn Laravel by directly layering countless lines of SQL into PHP that is not just frigid but unreadable as well. Needless to say, it soon leads to generation of unmaintainable mess. This is where writing more readable codes become somewhat close to impossible. However, it could be done if Eloquent allows developer to do CRUD operations on the table, which obviously has no relation with the issue.

In table relations, two things that matters is the user and her/his respective tasks. This is where Laravel earns hits, as after setting quick lookup method for models, one can effortlessly handle one-to-one relationship, as well as any other association of that matter.


Now, you get entire framework modularized, which are made available in form of individual Composer packages.

NOTE: Composer is similar to PEAR, which is a PHP packaging system, but better. It helps in making the dependency management process as easy as possible.

At present, developers have to create and run the whole process with certain set of features, which are framework’s core set of features. One can’t use Eloquent in CakePHP application. This makes developers to put extra effort reinventing the wheel multiple times.

Laravel brings you the future of PHP, a complete modular PHP. Now with only a few features, developers can meet the demands of their project, instated of installing and massive and bloated framework and wasting time and effort over it. Need Eloquent for a simple project- Composer is here to help. Just install and get your work done. ?

Laravel has a big predetermined collection of packages. And if you feel the need to update the framework to its latest version, is as easy as making the composure update run.

Easy Authentication

Authentication is required by nearly every web application of substance. Laravel offers a simple and easy to use interface that is meant for authenticating users.

Developer can start by creating a table naming users inbuilt with necessary fields for both, the username and password. (this sets a perfect use-case for migration.) After that Laravel can attempt to enable a user log in.

Behind the scenes, the framework Laravel will hash the password automatically, and match it against the stored one in users table. Once the user’s credentials match, user ID gets stored in the session, keeping the user logged in.

Resourceful Controllers

Creating a RESTful service in PHP without help is a hard nut to crack. But, with Laravel 5, it get simpler and easier. The framework offers a complete set of features and functions as Restful Resources.

 Database Seeding

No more use of dummy records for “seeding” a database table manually, to meet testing purposes. Well… it’s a large number; but Laravel 5 allows us to specify a seed file for a table. To try it out, create a new file with the same name as its respective table within the app/database/seeds directory of your application. This file should store an array of arrays, each containing the necessary key-value pairs.

Laravel 5 VS Yii 2

Laravel comes with a big bag of awesome features. And hence, it is giving tough completion to other frameworks. Most of the queries fall associated to evaluation between two popular frameworks of the hour: Laravel 5 and Yii2.

Easy to learn

Laravel has always been easier to learn when compared to Yii. The same goes with the latest Laravel 5.0 version. Yii2 is also good, but Laravel with new set of easy to adopt features makes it outshine the rest in race. Besides, users or developers don’t face difficulty in switching from Yii 2 version to Laravel 5.0.

 Code Quality

Laravel 5 offers highly defined code quality, and is considered to be one of the most preferred framework. Laravel 5 fast-paced development schedule makes ii win another point against Yii2. While Yii 2 framework demands some serious work, attention and changes before it competing Laravel’s code quality.


Laravel lags in this, as Yii has a better online community, packed with lots of tutorial videos and books. Laravel 5 collection is also good, but since Yii is older, offer benefits to Yii2.

Verdict: Laravel 5 vs Yii2

Laravel is written in intuitive manner, providing code structure that is easier to follow than many other frameworks, including Yii2 frameworks. Yii2 is good but demands serious changes to compete the features and quality of Laravel 5, especially when it comes to code quality.

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Last modified: 22 Jul 2015