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Law firms rarely switch to new technologies and this also causes slow innovation in the technology that legal firms use. More than half of the legal firms use a smartphone however, that is only to email, text, make calls, and use calendar. Law firm app development is still a nascent idea. However, there has been some positive impact on law firms to adapt and invest in smartphone technology.

Other benefits of hiring a company that offers law firm app development are the enhanced productivity and responsive customer experience of the legal services. As a result, law firms’ investments in smartphone technology has proven to be a wise decision.

How can a law firm app development help you?

There are many law firms that have already implemented law apps so that they can keep themselves highly competitive. However, even today many law firms are still in confusion or ignorant about law firm app development.

The point that law firms should understand is that an efficient law firm app can surely add value to the existing legal services. Law firm apps will provide your legal business a cutting-edge and help to increase your footprint among various other clients. Here are a few examples that can help you understand how an app can increase your business productivity: –

Client app:

The first rule for any legal case, be it criminal or civil, needs to be managed through a smooth communication between the lawyer and client. Client communication app can enable lawyers and client to send minute by minute update. Apart from that, push notifications can be used to advise on various changes in the legislation, deliver the latest updates on the case, etc.

Cross-selling apps:

Such apps provide clients a brief idea about a law firm’s products and services. This idea of at-a-glance information about law firms helps in building better business opportunities. Cross-selling is one of the best ways to increase a law firm’s profit. Some of the law firm app development companies also built functionality of note-taking in the app itself which makes it easier for clients to write down important notes.

Focus Area Apps:

Some law firms run on campaign management about various law trending topics. You can easily take a lead on the topics that can fetch your attention. This helps in providing clients and other law students updated information. These trending campaigns can be on any law topic right from a patent law information to self-driving law.

Content marketing apps:

Content marketing has become one of the most crucial aspects of any information that needs to be shared among the public. Many law firms have become aware of the importance of content marketing which has led to an increase in the legal content app such as law comparison guides, FAQs app, and more. Such apps help in raising profits for law firms who publish such pieces of content.

Service-tailored apps:

Tailored apps in the legal industry is a very booming concept. Whether it is specific to a fee calculator app or just a booking app for appointments, such apps can be utilized to its fullest potential.

Pitching apps:

Pitching apps are more of an interactive experience as law firms need to create presentations for their clients. There are certain pitching apps that offer analytical features that help clients to understand prospectus before it is published. You can also add other features such as “Email a certain section”, note-taking, “highlighting important aspects”, “ video case studies”, etc.

What are the steps that law firms can take to bring in law firm apps?

  • Use the existing apps: There is a wide range of apps available in the market which provide legal support to firms that your business can choose from. For instance, use the Dropbox app to send important documents.
  • Hiring an app development company: Mostly all the law firms plan in hiring a mobile app development company that helps to build customized apps for difference law-related businesses.

Last modified: 2 Jul 2020