Modifying Healthcare Services Through Mobile App Development

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The healthcare services have drifted in their ambition in providing more accessible services through mobile healthcare apps. There mobile apps can remotely gather information from any location and provide the quick report to your doctor. Similarly, e-prescription is one of the other benefits of using mhealth application.

The use of smartphones and through smartphone the use of healthcare applications has led to positive patient engagement. The entire idea is to improve healthcare services using the best technology possible along with spreading awareness about such applications. Even till date many smartphone users don’t  the types of healthcare applications available for them. Mhealth has limitless benefits on both small and large fronts of healthcare services. Thanks to application development companies, healthcare is reaching out to more and more medical and health institute.


Here are a few renowned healthcare apps that has changed the face of this industry:-



  • Medscape: The app builders of Medscape is the same as WebMD.  This application is ideal for practising physicians as well as medical students regardless of any level. This app currently has users for about 3 million which also includes healthcare professionals. Medscape is one of the most reliable channel which is helpful in transferring medical information on phone as well as tablet.
  • Skyscape: When you think of high-quality application, Skypscape  is the correct answer for you.This application works for Android and offers factors such as medical news, providers a medical calculator and helps you find a good drug reference that can deliver prescription drugs at home.
  • Epocrates: Epocrates is one of the best medical app solutions for pill identifier, and drug calculation that helps patients to take the right amount of medication. This is most popular among
  • Heart Pathway: Heart Pathway is an excellent tool for any user that wants to book a emergency room and notify the physician. This app also has an electronic medical record system which saves all the medical records at one place.
  • ZipDrug: When you think of getting your medication on time, this company is the perfect solution for you. Zipdrug app works on both Android and iOS platforms and helps to bring pharmacy to your doorstep. Quick delivery services is one of the biggest advantages of this company along with easy payment options.
  • EMRA PressorDex: This company helps you to track down pharmacies and ensure that you are provided with the right information about medication as well as dosage through the application. You can also discover pharmacies that deliver you medicines around your area.


When you think of advanced healthcare applications or tools at the hospitals you need a reliable healthcare application development company. If you run a business related to the medical field or healthcare sector, it is essential to hire a well-known app development company. Mobile application has more impact of reaching the right audience than a web portal.

5 steps of hiring the right healthcare app development company: –

  • Portfolio of the company
  • Experience of the company
  • What type of services it offers.
  • What the company deals in (in-terms of industries)
  • The reviews about the company


These are the 5 least things you need to check about the company before you hire them. However, the first step of any business is to evaluate what type of requirements you truly need in your business. For instance, you need to understand what is exactly that your business requires, the type of marketing your business needs to target, how will you spread awareness about the app, etc. are some of the most important factors that need can help you take your business to heights.

Last modified: 11 Jul 2017


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