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PHP VS Python, Which is better?

Just like any human known language like Spanish, French, English, to name a few, have different sets of grammatical formations, rule of language perception and guidelines of written communication same is the case with different web programming language that web developers operate upon and use. The two most popular and widely applied web languages are PHP and Python and naturally both have advantages and disadvantages in various dimensions of web developing language. Here we have tried to draw comparisons and distinguish between PHP and Python to give you a clear picture of which one to imply for what specific functionalities and enhance your web development experience.

php vs python

PHP vs. Python: Language popularity

There is no denying the fact that PHP is humongous recognised and presently, most recognised and implied open source programming language. There is a continuous streamline of PHP projects in IT industry with a large pool of PHP developers working in this domain with expertise and making the web development process easy and fun loving. PHP makes web programming a very seamless and elementary process.

Python as compared, never been such popular with its implementation for web programming. However, its lack of fame can also be used as its strength. Python is comparatively rarer as its core developers are concerned, but they are more liable with higher and optimized quality coding.

PHP vs. Python: Language syntax

PHP comprised of C- structured syntax. Any programmer who has been exposed to C format language grips the crux of the language straight away. Easy frame of curly bracket and semi-colons work exactly as you’d expect and it seems familiar. PHP is very adaptive in nature of coding framework and comes handy with syntax used and implied.

Python is not that elemental and basic Making white space significant instead of using curly braces requires some adjustment to how you think about your code. Any change in language framework slows down the programmer to actually adapt that change and implement it in web design process. But it takes time to enhance python codes and optimize it with syntax being simple and reads like pseudo code.

PHP vs. Python: Web programming

PHP is generally perceived as web pages design tool standing the fact that it could be used for many imperative purposes. By default, PHP is basically inscribed in HTML template with code encapsulated in it. Python on other side, is an independent web based language which can be implied as more general purpose frameworks.

PHP vs. Python: Lambdas

Lambdas have long been an advantage of Python systems over PHP language. They are very elemental to create and optimized so freely within the language that developers will always have their way to use them when they are an efficient and effective tool for the specific job. For now, PHP only had the possible option of “create function” in their algorithmic format, which always seemed to be a hack at best and a poor application platform for the rest of the time. This has dramatically changed in the latest version of PHP; there is a dynamic code sync support. Developers will now have a level playing coding platform which they could easily process in PHP language domain.

PHP vs. Python: Debugging and profiling tools

There are always effective links when you search for Python debugging and profiling tools using google, but availability for PHP is always higher. The programming ecosystem has an overdue advantage in this. Python as compared to PHP has an efficient set of debugging too

PHP vs. Python: But what does it feel like?

Drawing individual points of comparison between PHP and Python, it could be an observation that PHP has slightly an upper hand in core dimensions of easy syntax and adaptability. However most of the developers in web based industry seems to be comfortable in both the languages but mostly they tend to work on Python rather than in PHP. It could be a possible reason that they find Python to be more challenging and a sense of achievement when that really put those lines of codes in Python environment. But both the web developing languages has their own domains of credibility and specific implementing points where they can be optimally used and applied to make the web pages more responsive and provide higher dimensions to the website.

Last modified: 24 Jul 2015