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The supply chain management and the logistic companies are evolving with time.  Supply chain industry represents a massive market and it is only going to get bigger in the next coming few years. Currently it is estimated to be of a market of 1.1 trillion, this is according to Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.

The supply chain firms are moving from a traditional setup to the integration of IT and technology to their operations to reduce the costs incurred as well as to meet the service demands. The growth of the supply chain sector depends upon its soft infrastructure like education, training and policy framework as much as the hard infrastructure.

The organizations are using the most update technology to bring together some of the best services while establishing a supply chain startup. Blockchain technology is one of the most talked about topics which is playing a huge role in the many industries. This technology has made tracking and transparency even more smooth in Supply Chain Management system.

Here are a few Supply Chain startups: –

  • Infor: This supply chain enterprise software company has generated around $3 billion a year. This company offers features such as inventory management, tracking the inventories, product requirement and budgeting. This company has partnered with the best technology such as IOT and Blockchain to implement and provide higher quality outcome.
  • Ecovadis: This company aims are supplier sustainability for buyers such as Nestle. And is an emerging company which prefers to implement new technologies as they come into existence.
  • Elementum:This company helps to minimize the fallout from disruptions. Elementum basically offers supply chain management using big data tools which helps in processing large amount of information.
  • Global ranger: Global ranger is a tracking boom that focuses on capitalizing Internet of Things and blockchain technology implemented on supply chain management software. This company is a subsidiary of a Japanese company firm Fujitsu that aims at providing fully equipped supply chain management and technology in the industry.
  • Flexe: This company is like the AirBnB for warehousing where people can temporary lodge their business storage. By making the most of evolving supply chain capacity by selling warehousing space and enabling for same-day shipping by using the best given technology in the market.
  • Cloud logistics: This company is heavy on demand-craze as it is providing a deadly combination of mobile transport management and cloud computing blended together to boost the structure of supply change management system. This company offers various services using blockchain technology such as vendor-to-vendor communication, inventory tracking, logistics analytics.



Supply chain industry is currently witnessing a boom with the help of technological advancement. Blockchain application development companies are offering small and large supply chain management companies to use this technology to its best benefit. These developers help in building mobile application as per the supply chain business requirements.The supply chain industry has been positively been impacted since the time technologies such as blockchain, big data  and internet of things have come together.


Last modified: 3 Sep 2017


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