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Top 6 Food Ordering App Ideas In 2020

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The influx of different mobile apps in every industry brings instant gratification to users. The convenience that mobile apps bring into every aspect of our daily lives makes them gain traction quickly. Among all the other apps, food ordering apps have brought a significant change in the concept of dining out. People love these apps as they provide them the convenience of eating different cuisines from the comfort of their location. However, the food industry is vast in terms of the niche that businesses can enter into with food ordering apps. In this blog, we will discuss the top 6 food ordering app ideas in 2020 that will benefit your food business.

What are the best ideas for food ordering apps in 2020?

But before we come to the top 6 food ordering app ideas, let’s take a look at the scope of the food industry. The online food delivery market generated a revenue of $107,438 million in 2019. Further, it is expected to reach a market volume of $156,819 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 9.9%. The market presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the market and businesses to leverage market opportunities with the help of a food delivery app development company. 

1. Night Food Ordering App

There are numerous food ordering apps that deliver food throughout the day. However, there are hardly any mobile apps that deliver food to satisfy the midnight cravings. It is beneficial to have a night food ordering app for users who work late night shifts, university students who pull all-nighters at the library, or simply for users who enjoy midnight snacks. The scope for night food ordering apps is vast and not tapped into by many businesses.

Therefore, developing a night food ordering app is the first among the top 6 food ordering app ideas in 2020. In fact, with this idea, you can drive your sales and revenue with a unique value proposition. Apps like Nightfood and Latenight are in the market delivering all night and bringing in major convenience for its users.

2. Corporate Food Ordering App

A great food ordering app idea for businesses in the metro cities is to develop a corporate food ordering app. Catering food to the corporates in small or large companies is a lucrative business in itself. As a business owner, you must partner with local eateries, restaurants, small joints, and cafes to deliver breakfast, mid-day snack, lunch, evening snacks, or even the much-loved coffee to the people working in offices.

Businesses delivering food through corporate food ordering apps can also leverage the regular events held at companies such as team lunches, birthday celebrations, pot-lucks or other such events to get large orders. Presently apps such as Munchery, Caviar, Zesty, and EastClub are catering to the corporate sector with their food ordering apps. You can use techniques and strategies these apps use to increase their customer base and multiply their revenue.

3. Restaurant Food Ordering App

When we talk about food ordering apps, the first thing that pops up is food delivery from restaurants and cafes. Restaurant food ordering apps are the most common types of apps in the food industry. However, there’s still great potential for new food ordering apps in the food delivery market. Eating out by ordering in is a trend that will be embraced by generations to come. Therefore, the market will always have good opportunities for restaurant food ordering apps to thrive.

The food ordering apps like Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates, UberEats, etc are the leading names in the food delivery market. Each of these apps provides intriguing features to appeal to its users. Moreover, they are utilizing the latest technologies to improve their delivery services.

4. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Ordering App

Diet food such as fruit salad or vegetable salads is costly when ordered directly from restaurants and cafes. How convenient would it be if people could make their own salads just by receiving instant doorstep delivery of their favorite fruits and vegetables? Mobile apps such as GrubHub and Instafresh are already leveraging the potential of this segment.

Starting a food ordering apps to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to people is a unique idea. This would be a great app for the health and fitness conscious people who follow a strict diet and require freshly-cut fruits, vegetables or even nuts every day. Using fresh fruits and vegetables ordering app is an affordable and healthier option for many. A lot of people also prefer eating only organic vegetables and fruits. Therefore, this opportunity can result in increased sales and revenue for your business.

5. Milk & Dairy Ordering App

The other unique niche to enter into is the delivery of milk and dairy products. Starting a milk and dairy ordering app to delivery daily breakfast essentials such as milk, eggs, bread, yogurt, etc would certainly be embraced by masses. Therefore, providing doorstep deliveries for the daily breakfast staples at competitive prices is one of the top 6 food ordering app ideas in 2020. 

Apps such as MorningCart, Milkbasket, Suprdaily, and DailyNinja have stepped into the market and are some of the leading brands in this segment.

6. Event Catering App

Delivering food specifically for small and big events, such as weddings, office parties, conferences, and other events can prove to be a profitable option. You can choose to be a full-service caterer offering specialty cuisines and unique menu options at affordable prices.

Attracting customers with premium food delivery app services for events can increase your brand visibility and loyalty.

Brands that are thriving in this niche are Cateringninja, HappyCatering, and TimeToCater. Leveraging this niche with an event catering app in 2020 is one of the top 6 food ordering app ideas. 


The food delivery market is vast and holds numerous unexplored or untapped niches that businesses can enter into and make the most of the potential of the niche. Apart from the above top 6 food ordering app ideas in 2020, a few other ideas that can drive your food business are delivery of bakery products, delivery of recipes and ingredients or delivery of nutritional and organic food.

Developing these food ordering apps with unique selling points is not a difficult task when you have hired an experienced food delivery app development company. Enuke Software is one of the leading food ordering and delivery app development companies that can help you leverage the lucrative market opportunities by developing brilliant mobile apps that resonate with your brand story and brand values.

Last modified: 8 Jul 2020