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Fitness tracking apps

Top 7 Fitness Tracking Apps In The USA

The US fosters the biggest health and wellness market with a market volume of $30 billion and is growing rapidly at a rate of 6.1%. Out of 201,000 health club across the world, there are 38,477 health clubs located in the US. The fitness market is growing at a rapid pace with emerging fitness trends concepts pouring in. Most of which are accessible through the top 7 fitness tracking apps in the USA that we will discuss later.

As per the US Department of Health and Human Services, an individual should complete a moderate-intensity workout for 150 minutes per week to benefit from exercise. Exercising frequently provides the benefits of reducing fat, weight, risk of heart diseases, improving the functioning of lungs, and many more significant benefits. Every individual wants to be fit but lacks the motivation to keep up with his/her exercise routine or diet schedule. Fitness tracking apps for smartphones and wearables motivate users to carry on some form of physical activity, be it walking, jogging or exercising, and maintaining a particular diet to boost fitness.  

Which are the best fitness tracking apps in the US?

The fitness tracker apps mentioned below motivate individuals by providing virtual training, tracking fitness, and holding them accountable when required. In fact, people who use fitness apps are more active and have a lower body mass index as compared to the ones who don’t use any fitness app. Below are the fitness tracking apps that are at the top 7 in the USA.

1. Sworkit

It is ranked as the number 1 app by the American College of Sports Medicine due to the quality of instructional standards. Sworkit is a customizable workout app, fitness tracker, and exercise planner. Sworkit also stands for Simply work it, delivers over 40 million workout instructions of all fitness levels to its users.

It offers a customizable exercise schedule for daily routines or a 6-week program. The app charges about $29.99 for 3 months or $79.99 for a year and therefore is a little expensive. It offers workout plans for beginners, intermediate level, and advanced levels. Moreover, the workouts range from a 5-minute stretch at work to a complete workout session. 

Using the app, the users don’t need to go to the gym or pay for gym memberships. In fact, they can easily access quality gym routines and choose workouts based on cardio, strength, stretching, and yoga. The app also allows users to talk and take advice from personal trainers.

2. Jefit Workout Tracker

Jefit mainly focuses on strength training although it does provide an option to customize other workouts as well. The app provides exercise routines for target muscle groups that users can use. It also provides a training schedule with updates of what routines will take place in the following days. Further, it provides a calendar for logging body measurements, planning, and tracking your workouts including the reps done. 

The app is free for users and earns revenue through ads, which can be removed by purchasing an elite membership. The Elite membership also provides advanced features like goal settings, video-based workout instructions, and charts. 

The app provides beginners with over 60 workout routines and over 2000 plans created by its active workout community. It offers step-by-step visual instructions and useful tips for over 1,300 exercises.

3. Nike Run Club

For on-demand workouts that are based on the information provided by the users at the time of enrolment, Nike Run Club is the go-to app. Unlike other apps that include shorter worker sessions, Nike offers longer routines from 30 minutes to 60 minutes long. The workout videos involve a trainer showing the move and audio giving out tips and time. The app lets users track their run stats and accomplishments. 

The app offers numerous workout videos for free. It also provides a premium membership subscription to unlock more videos, nutritional and wellness guidance by trainers. An intriguing feature providing by this app is a Nike store to buy workout clothes, shoes, gym bags, etc.

4. My FitnessPal

One of the top 7 fitness tracking apps in the USA is My FitnessPal. It tracks calories and counts how many calories one should gain or lose to maintain the weight. The users record everything they eat and drink and all other activities on the app to calculate calories consumed and burnt. The app allows you to calculate calories through its database of drinks and food items with nutritional information. It also offers tools to track body changes and body weight over time. 

The app is free and supported by ads. It also provides a premium subscription to users to remove ads, access advanced features and a breakdown of macronutrients. It charges $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year for the premium subscription. Further, it also tracks your exercise, progress, and steps taken, provides workout timers, and can connect to other apps and devices.

5. Fitbit Coach

Formerly known as Fitsar, the Fitbit Coach app provides workout videos of stair workouts, stretching routines, etc, that can be done anywhere. Although the app is free to use, however, there are only a few workouts that can be accessed through the free account.  These dynamic workouts provided by Fitbit Coach adapt to the goals, abilities, and feedback of the users. The premium membership that costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year provides access to numerous workout routines.

The app provides on-demand real human video to users to guide them through their workouts. The free version of Fitbit Coach provides many workout videos similar to the 7-minute workout apps. 

6. Map My Fitness

This exercise tracking app is designed for beginners. The Map My Fitness app lets users record any activity that they do in the day. The user needs to launch the app and choose the activity they are about to start. Then, the app tracks the time spent on the activity, the calories burnt, and other related statistics. 

Although the app is free to use, it also offers its members an upgrade to MVP membership at a cost of $5.99 per month or $29.99 per year to access advanced data such as heart rate and cadence. Further, it provides an option to manually log their exercise or activity, just in case they forget to launch the app before starting the activity. This data can also be sent to the Fitbit app, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Garmin Devices, Android Wear, and other devices, where it can be consolidated. 

7. Google Fit

The fitness app by Google is free to download, simple and motivates its users to move and work their hearts to achieve Heart Points and Move Minutes by completing daily targets. The app can also be used to extract data from wearables, track workouts, fitness goals, receive customized tips and integrate with other apps such as MyFitnessPal and Strava. It is recommended due to its versatile nature and easy integration with other apps.

These top 7 fitness tracking apps in the USA are the most used apps by fitness freaks and beginners stepping into the world of fitness. If you too are looking to get a successful fitness app developed like the above apps, you can consult a health and fitness app development company such as Enuke Software.

Last modified: 8 Jul 2020