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grow travel business in 2020

Top 8 Secrets To Grow Your Travel Business In 2020

With the travel industry skyrocketing, and competition becoming more fierce, every travel business looks for tips and tricks to increase their sales and revenue. In this mad race to the top, businesses often lose track and focus and end up failing. While the main focus should be on how to improve customer experience and attract them with different strategies, the focus shifts to how to get the competitors down.

How to grow your travel business in 2020?

Entering into the travel industry is not a difficult task due to the wide availability of niches. However, standing out from the crowd is the major challenge. Therefore, we will discuss the research-driven top 8 secrets to grow your travel business in 2020. You don’t have to focus on the competitors, rather polish up your strategies.

Social Media Presence

If your business still hasn’t established an online presence on social media, it’s a great opportunity to accelerate your sales. Social media is the best way to reach a wide customer base. Most of the population today is active on at least one social media platform with an average of 4 hours spent on social media every day. Travelers like sharing posts including images and videos on social media platforms. 

Therefore, engaging your audience on social media is one of the best techniques to grow your travel business. Use well-executive and effective campaigns to boost the revenue of your travel business. Moreover, you can even leverage customer opinion and feedback on social media to your advantage and customize packages accordingly.

Travel Portal Development

Another essential for establishing an online presence is having a travel portal and a travel application for your business. Travelers have become more tech-savvy and most of them prefer booking their trips through travel applications on their phones. A travel portal enables customers to book their travel at any point of time as per their convenience. It also gives them the flexibility and peace of mind to look up for the best options at the most affordable prices without being pressurized by a travel agent to go for a particular booking. 

However, the travel portal should be responsive, attractive, and easy to navigate to provide ease in completing the bookings. Moreover, the customers shouldn’t be asked to fill out large forms or have to go through price fluctuations at checkout. So, if you are still missing out on your own travel application, this is the right to get one developed by a professional travel application development company.

API/GDS Integration

API/GDS integration services are crucial for every travel business. If you get your inventory by only partnering and contacting different hotel chains and other businesses, you are losing out on a lot. Integrating API/GDS within your travel website gets your customers to access a wide travel inventory.

Create Your Own Packages

One of the top 8 secrets to grow your travel business in 2020 is to design your own travel packages. Use your creative juices to combine different travel products and create a unique travel package at the most affordable prices. Travelers constantly lookout for unique and personalized travel experiences. Creating experiential travel packages based on the interests and previous bookings of your customers will certainly instill a sense of loyalty in your customers, who would come back to your travel website for future bookings.

Strategic Partnerships

Establishing strategic partnerships that benefit your business is essential for the success of your travel business. Exclusive partnerships can be built with hotels, accommodation, or car rental companies. Through the partnership, you can offer your customers a better discount which they may not be able to find elsewhere. Business partnerships provide access to new markets, new customers, and strategies to provide better services. You should not only make B2B partnerships but also put in efforts in maintaining those partnerships for the long term.

Specialize in a Niche

The competition in the travel industry is stiff with leading brands sucking the life out of small travel businesses as they attract the largest share of customers. Therefore, to sustain the competition, it is imperative for every travel business to find their niche and offer unique experiences. To find a unique niche, one should be well aware of the current travel booking trends and customer behavior to be able to craft a package as per their interests.

Leverage Emerging Technologies

Integrating emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, etc with your online travel agency is the new trend to provide exceptional travel booking experiences. For instance, machine learning and artificial intelligence enable travel businesses to provide quick and 24-hour customer support through chatbots. Travel websites also leverage augmented reality and virtual reality to provide virtual tours of properties and destinations to entice customers into completing their bookings. Therefore, if you are still lagging behind in utilizing these technologies in your travel offerings, now is the time to double your sales with these techniques.

Upsell Your Products

Lastly, you could try upselling your travel products with additional offerings in the packages created by you. For instance, you could offer your customers with meal services during a visit to a specific location or enhance the experience of a certain location by offering complimentary drinks. Upselling products in this way helps boost the revenue on one hand, and also provides a better experience to customers on the other hand.


These ingenious top 8 secrets to grow your travel business in 2020 can take your travel business to greater heights. You should grab the right opportunity at the right time and keep yourself updated with the trends. You should also try to experiment with your strategies and evaluate your customer’s behavior to modify those strategies accordingly. 

Last modified: 7 Jul 2020