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Top Best E-prescription Healthcare Apps

RxTAB Prescription App

From managing the clinic, keeping the patient’s records to prescription writing this app will completely digitize your clinic.The data is stored in its cloud, which enables data security. It works in offline mode also.

Some exciting features of this app include:

  • Not just textual information, It keeps all types of patient data such as images, copies of test reports and results, X-Ray reports, Lab reports etc.
  • Custom platform creating, where the doctors can manage the data and prescription according to their specialty.
  • It has referral management system, where doctors can give reference to any doctor online.
  • Has a feature where data can be restored as well as can have a backup.

ReXi: E-Prescription Maker

It is an E-prescription making app for the medical practitioners.

Its main features include:

  • Prescriptions made in this app can be viewed on any platform such as Android, IOS, Windows etc.As it is in the HTML format, the issue of incompatibility doesn’t arise.
  • You just have to enter the details of the medications, this app will automatically create the prescription after pressing create button.

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dr chrono

Along with e-prescription and clinic management, it also provides billing solutions.

Its features include:

  • Automated Emailing and text messaging services for appointment reminders.
  • The Labs & eRx tool of this app helps in ordering lab reports and sending prescriptions.
  • Its integrated medical billing system saves time and efforts for completion of the billing process.


It offers test/lab reports and other documents management, charting, order management, medication management, and e-prescription.It automatically checks for the insurance eligibility of the patients whose appointments have been fixed.Whether the patient is eligible or not will be known within 72 hours.

This application can also be accessed through the web browser.


While the patient visits the doctor, the doctor can go through the past history, and proceed with their treatment or check up procedure.Patients can get the medications info for minor diseases instantly from this app.

Its main features include:

  • With the feature of easy drawing making, faster documentation, the doctors can provide better services to their patients.
  • Doctors can take instant advice from the other doctors of the same profession.
  • It enables the doctors to maintain their schedule.
  • Doctors can manage the patient records, review the records, add new patients.
  • Connected to your entire clinic/hospital, where you can instantly message to any person of your clinic at any time.


It provides features such as Patient record keeping, financial analytics, telemedicine, patient engagement, practice management and physical performance benchmarking. Its cloud platform keeps all the records secure.It works on all devices.The e-prescriptions can be issued from anywhere.


It helps the users to review their appointment schedules as well as reschedule them, patient information, view the lab results and uploaded test reports.The patient will automatically get the notification when their test report is ready and uploaded.


It has all the features that an E-prescription app has.It runs in the cloud and has budget plans, it is easy to use, it has a feature which enables the doctor to update the patient records during the check-ups.

Along with this, there are many websites which provide complete clinical management solutions along with the cloud-based platforms. Soon, all these websites are going to have their own apps.With the increase in its use in the US over the years, the E-Prescription Healthcare Application Development will face many challenges to meet the requirements of medical professionals and patients.

Last modified: 26 Jul 2019