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Travel portal development

Top 3 Travel Portal Application Development Company in the USA

Technological advancement is proliferating at a tremendous pace and that leaves an impact on a vast array of industries, all over the world. In this age of technology, the travel companies are not exceptions. They too are adopting technology as a way to market their products more effectively.

So, they drive their business towards obtaining a cost-effective and innovative solution to outsmart their competitors – in a marketplace that has too many travel companies.

“What then is a priority for these travel companies?”

The travel companies have established their online presence as a priority. Subsequently, a buzzword that has become immensely popular is that of aTravel Portal Development. The online travel agencies (OTA) seek the help of a reputed travel portal development company to develop travel portals. Next, we will define “What is a Travel Portal Software?”.

What is a Travel Portal Software?

We define a travel portal software as a powerful yet comprehensive web-based online booking engine  – specifically designed for travel agency sites (both B2B and B2C), travel management companies, travel aggregators along with tour operators and home-based travel agents. The travel portals ensure online travel bookings and provide the clients with all the necessary information related to the bookings – in one place.

In fact, a travel portal development company integrates a whole lot of essential features in the travek portal for the visitors, whether they are travel agents or the clients. These portals are easy to load and easy to use. The travel companies opt for travel portal development for obvious reasons. “What are these reasons?”.

What are the Reasons for Opting for Travel Portal Development?   

The reasons for developing a travel portal are:

Accessing Information (24×7)

Travel portals have strong response time – offering the best deals, anytime and anywhere.

Brand Recognition

Strong level of support and customized offers build the brand images for the travel company.

Increased Customer Base

The travel portal provides with the previous preferences and other details of the clients and offers a customized solution in the form of rewards or loyalty bonus for the frequent passengers.

Cost-effective Solution

The deployment of a travel portal is cost-intensive but at the end, it offers a higher return on investment (ROI).

Now, we delve into the top three travel portal development companies.

Top three Travel Portal Application Development Companies in USA

The top three travel portal application development companies that we come across in the USA are:-

Enuke Software

Enuke is a leading travel portal development company that offers consulting as well as the development of all aspects for travel portals (B2B and B2C). Along with this, they have the expertise in the integration of API services on flight booking, hotel booking, car rentals, travel packages, cruise vacations as well as insurances.

Moreover, Enuke Software offers White Label solutions on travel booking software and travel portal websites. The travel portals are usually linked with the Global Distribution System (GDS) of flight reservation systems with APIs, to fetch the online inventory of airline tickets – from the backend and publish it in the front end system through GUI.

However, the search on hotels is based on CRS and APIs of renowned hotels and this, in turn, provides the lowest tariffs to potential clients. The same system exists for car rentals and bus bookings. Once the client makes a selection, there is a redirection to a payment gateway for secure payment.


Travelpd is one of the leading names among the travel portal development companies. It helps the global clients with design, development and integration with the XML of GDSs and the various APIs. Further, it offers testing and deployment of the websites as well.

It can also be viewed as a travel technology company. Some notable GDS integrations are Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo and Travelport and Wordspan.

Travelpd is a niche player in the market and comes with tools to develop the portals – starting right from scratch. It offers its clients with benefits like faster online bookings, faster results and of course better fares. The travel portal development company offers a travel software which is available across a diverse range of screen sizes and is available on mobile devices.

Travel OTAs

It is one of the best-known travel portal development companies. This offers the entire gamut of services for travel portal website development such as as the flight, hotel and car APIs – at the most affordable rates.

Moreover, it offers travel portal developers to ensure API integration services for its clients. It provides other options like holiday bookings, cruises, insurances as well as payment gateway integration. The hotel bookings are offered through GDS integration as well as CRS booking systems.

Finally, we say that if the travel agency seeks the services of any one of the above travel portal development companies they are bound to land up with an innovative solution – that which enables it to earn higher revenues through bookings and attain a new level of growth.

Last modified: 28 Jul 2020