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travel trends in 2020

What Are 6 Travel Trends You Must Follow In 2020?

With the new decade, the travelling trends too seem to be changing. Travellers today are looking for more than just visiting a new destination and getting a stamp on their passports. They are now inclined towards experiential travel and want to make the best use of their time and money invested in the trip. This leaves us to ponder on what are 6 travel trends you must follow in 2020 ensuring that you do all the groundwork to plan a high-end travel experience for your customers.

What are the travel trends in 2020?

We have put together 6 intriguing travel trends that you as a travel agency owner must consider. Integrating these tips into your services and offerings will increase the number of happy customers and maximize your revenue.

1. Preference for Ecolodges 

As per a survey, 70% of travellers are more likely to book accommodation knowing that it’s eco-friendly. However, 72% of the people are not aware of the existence of eco-certifications for properties. Considering the global concerns of climate change, travellers are making responsible travel plans to reduce their carbon print and to choose ecolodges. As an online travel agency, you can leverage this opportunity to raise awareness about sustainable eco-travel and the benefits associated with it. Creating unique packages with accommodations that focus on sustainability can attract many environmentally conscious travellers.

2. Non Touristy Destinations 

These days travel is all about calmness, peace and serenity. Away from city life and crowded places, travellers seek vacation spots which are not very touristy. The spots that are unexplored by many travellers and are not very famous are like hidden gems which are not only cheap as they are not commercialized but are also clean and peaceful.

Take for instance Santorini; it’s a beautiful destination but is getting overcrowded with tourists from all over the world. This has not only increased the airfares and hotel prices but also the total cost of visiting the place. Therefore, to stay ahead of the competition, research well and find out the hidden treasures of the world. Craft enticing packages and offer something new and different that will excite your customers.

3. Culinary Influenced Travel 

Another great idea is offering deals and packages that include culinary influenced travel experience. This would obviously attract all the foodie travellers who love to experience the rich culture and cuisines of different countries. This travel trend is expected to dominate in 2020. Travellers will be on a quest of trying sumptuous food and drinks, eating at Michelin-starred restaurants or private homes or even joining cooking classes.

As a travel agency, you can fascinate your customers by offering them packages where they could have a varied culinary experience based on destinations they would like to visit or cuisines they would like to try. Since not many travel agencies offer such experiences, you have a great opportunity to stand out with the quality of your travel packages.

4. Multiple Countries Vacation

With extremely busy professional lives, it’s difficult to take out the time to visit different destinations. Moreover, it costs more to make two trips in a year in comparison to taking some extra days off from work and visiting more than one destination during the same trip. For instance, Europe is a continent with literally every country worth visiting. Therefore, when visiting one European country, travellers prefer to do country coupling. This enables them to visit multiple countries during the same or extended vacation period.

Similarly, travellers can also visit multiple Asian countries such as China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, etc on the same trip. What you need is to understand the requirements and budget of your customers. Provide them with a package with visits to multiple destinations that also fits their budget.

5. Mini Staycations

In 2020, over 53% of travellers across the world will be more inclined towards planning weekend trips to nearby destinations within their own country. These mini staycations provide them with an experience of different properties that display the culture, history, architecture, etc. These trips also provide a great level of convenience to travellers. They can plan a lot of such short trips without having to take leaves from their offices.

Moreover, short trips also include a lot of train travel which is environment-friendly and reduces the carbon footprint of travellers. You can offer amazing deals to your customers for nearby destinations that are a must-visit. Try to make the package unique by including different experiences around the accommodation as per your customer’s likes.

6. Technology Infused Travel

With emerging technologies, convenience in travel is gaining traction and becoming a standard. Technologies such as AI, AR, VR, and Speech Recognition provides immense scope in making the travel experience seamless. For instance, the travel apps with AI provide chatbots for instant support to travellers while on the go, and speech recognition helps travellers communicate with others in a different language. 

About 57% of travellers seek travel app features to track their flight and baggage in real-time and 31% of travellers would prefer to have a travel app that provides virtual travel assistants with speech recognition capabilities to answer their travel-related queries. Therefore, in 2020, integrating your travel app with the emerging technologies to provide that extra level of convenience is the new travel trend.


To not only sustain the tough competition but also to excel in your niche, you need to research the travel market and analyze the behaviour and needs of your customers to leverage these travel trends. Hopefully, this blog should have answered your question about what are 6 travel trends you must follow in 2020, and generated numerous ideas to implement in your travel business.

Last modified: 8 Jul 2020