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travel app ideas

What are some ideas for creating the best travel app in 2020?

The time has been long gone when mobile phones were only used to make calls and send text messages. Now, a smartphone without internet services feels like a useless device as the apps on our mobiles, power our devices, which don’t work without the internet. With the advent of the internet and the stunning apps on our smartphones, our lives have changed for the better. In the travel industry, the best travel app in 2020 is the one that completely satsifies customers.

Combining the advanced technology with the most favorite activity of people, ie. traveling, has become a boon for travelers. Today’s smart travelers don’t rely on travel agents to book their travel. They have everything at their fingertips and just in a few taps they single-handedly plan and book their trip. 

How to create the best travel app in 2020?

Over the past few years, there has been an influx of travel apps. Travel businesses trying to make the most of the existing market opportunities. This has led to cut-throat competition in the travel and tourism industry. Because of this only, 56% of startups sustain in the long run while others end up shutting down. This calls for the need of having a unique business idea to survive in the harsh market.

With that in mind, we will be discussing what are some ideas for creating the best travel app in 2020. These ideas of creating new travel apps or integrating features within your existing app, may provide an edge to your travel app and help you attract more customers.

Social  Media Platform 

Travelers love posting and sharing their travel pictures and videos on social media. In fact, people make bookings after seeing posts of different destinations by their friends on social media platforms. Presently, there are very few travel-based social platforms and those platforms lack a global audience.

Considering this trend, starting a travel app that is essentially a social media platform would excite travelers. This travel app would allow people to post their travel journeys, images, and videos on their profiles. Moreover, people can also engage in discussions or post queries in relation to different aspects of travel.

Your social media-based travel app can integrate features such as image and video sharing, GPS maps, itinerary planning tools, reviews and rating system, guides on accommodations, travel destinations, must-visit places, etc.

City Tour Guides

Another great idea for a travel app is a city tour guide. It will work as a tourist guide for different cities across countries. The app will provide information on the best or hidden restaurants and cafes that tourists shouldn’t miss out on, local tourist attractions, or historical and cultural attractions with a complete history of the place. Further, the app can detail the best routes and transportation to different places. It can also allow users to leave reviews and ratings for different restaurants or places they visit. Further, these reviews can be accessed by other users to make informed decisions.

A similar app that is working on this concept is TripAdvisor, which is one of the leading travel apps. Tripadvisor allows users to post genuine reviews about restaurants, accommodations or attractions which can be trusted by other travelers. Not many travel businesses have tapped into this niche and therefore, it holds a lucrative opportunity for new entrants. You need to come up with a unique offering apart from what Trip Advisor offers. This will make your app stand out from the crowd.

Language Converter

There is an increase in the number of people traveling to destinations that have a different first language. Therefore, having a travel app with language converter as a feature is one of the best ideas for creating the best travel app in 2020. An app that translates your language into a foreign language and vice versa is a boon when traveling to a place where you don’t understand the language. Imagine the amount of time one could save by not wondering what the signs mean or not understanding directions. One could simply use the app to speak with another person and ask their queries instantly.

The language converter app would be able to translate text to speech and vice versa from your own language into multiple languages. However, this kind of app would require you to contemplate and come up with more ideas to add on more value-added features to attract the attention of travelers and make it worth the use. 

Nearby Deals

Creating a travel app for letting travelers access nearby deals for restaurants, events, museums, theme parks or other attractions is another amazing idea. This kind of app can gain traction quickly as travelers look for hot deals and offer when at their travel destination. Your app can be an aggregator that offers deals on different websites in one place.

When developing a travel app to offer nearby deals, the design including UI/UX should be taken into consideration to appeal and attract customers while providing them easy navigation and a seamless booking experience. One of the apps working on the same concept is Nearbuy in India, which offers amazing deals on restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc, and is widely used by people in the metro cities.

AR Integration

Integrating the emerging technologies within your travel app can prove to be beneficial for your sales and revenue. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality within your travel app. For instance, showing a virtual tour of the accommodations to travelers will make them trust that the accommodation is exactly like what is shown through the images. In fact, about 64% of travelers prefer viewing accommodations through a virtual tour before completing their bookings.

Many travel apps are now integrating AR and VR features within their apps to gain the credibility and trust of their customers. This feature is aiding travel businesses in increasing customer traction, driving sales and, multiplying their revenues.

Artificial Intelligence

Another way of leveraging emerging tech is by using artificial intelligence within your app. For example, chatbots are now heavily used by travel apps to assist customers before, during, and after their trip. Chatbots eliminate the need for a human to be present all the time for support and help. These virtual bots can provide instant information and link to tourists by eliminating lengthy conversations and unnecessary wait times.

The other way AI can be used within travel apps is by providing virtual assistance to travelers by anticipating their needs or requirements and providing them useful information, links, etc to make their travel experience a seamless one.

Useful Information

Your travel app could have a feature that provides useful tips and information on travel. For instance, information on flight delays, gate changes at the airport, or tips on avoiding long queues.

This kind of information can come in handy for travelers and help them avoid stressful situations. For instance, if a person is getting late and has to catch a flight, your app feature can help him/her to know which boarding gate the flight will depart from, which counter to go to for boarding pass and how to skip queues. This information could save them a lot of time by not having to look at screens and trace their flight number to find the gates.

Car Rentals

A trip can get really tiring if we have to always be on our feet and are not aware of how to find the cheapest taxis or renting cars for the whole trip. A car rental app can work wonders for travelers who want to enjoy a drive at a new destination or just feel at convenience by having a car to go to nearby or far-off places instead of hiring costly taxis. Your taxi app can offer a variety of car models and types such as SUVs, sedans, XL, or micros at different prices. Moreover, your app can offer car rentals for a day, a week, or even a month.


There are millions of ideas out there to make your app stand out and garner the attention of customers. You need to grab the right opportunity at the right time with some market research and out-of-the-box thinking. Above are some ideas for creating the best travel app in 2020 which you can integrate within your app or start a new travel app with. These ideas will surely drive your sales and profit upwards if used smartly.

Last modified: 7 Jul 2020