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What are Some Latest Healthcare Apps for Patients?

Healthcare Application Development Companies develop apps for both IOS as well as Android platforms. Here we will discuss the latest and popular apps available on both platforms.

IOS Platform

Mayo Clinic

It is an app of Mayo Clinic which helps their patients to schedule their appointment with their doctors, get the results of their test and many more.It is also open to all and they can access fitness videos, diet tips and much more from this app.


It helps patients in overcoming stress, and depression with the help of various tools based on therapies, mind relaxation techniques. It also consists of various audio tools for a relaxation of mind as well as tracking system in order to track your health.


The main feature of this app is checking symptoms as well as suggesting its corresponding recommendations for diet plans, prescriptions, top doctors specializing in that particular symptom along with their location.

Simple contacts

Digital eye examination app, which records the test and presents the result of the current status of contact lenses as well as eye power.


Here the patients can share the information about their prescribed drugs. They can check the efficiency of the drugs, in case of any side effects or any other unknown effects.They can also check for the different variety of drugs and get info about them.


It is a symptom checking app, along with the daily habit and health checking features. It consists of drugs database along with the health education content.You can also check the physicians’ availability near to your area.

Android Platform

Care Zone

One of the best app that android offers. It helps in managing yours as well as your family’s medications. It also consists of medications along with its doses, you can also find the doctor’s instructions for that particular medication.

Doctor on demand

It helps you to get quick remedies, by connecting you with the doctors instantly. Here you won’t get the complete diagnosis, as the doctor is unable to conduct tests on you. You can get instant advice on the minor diseases like flu, cold, cough, sore throat, anxiety, stress, heartburn etc.


It is helpful for both medical professionals as well as people. It consists of the information directory of prescription drugs, doctors, health news etc.

Medical Images

It is useful for doctors and nurses, doctors can connect and discuss the particular case as well as share their valuable insights on that. It is not for the normal people.

GoodRx Drug prices and coupons

It helps you in finding prescription drugs in your budget. You can compare the prices of the particular drug so that you can find out the best-discounted price suitable for your budget.

Medical Terminology

It helps you to learn the unfamiliar medical terms.This app has a complete offline support, has a quick search feature along with the unlimited bookmarks.It comes in both paid as well as free version.


It is for the diabetes patients, it doesn’t matter what type of diabetes you have, it is for all type diabetics. The features of this app enable you to calculate your insulin levels, keep track of your medication logs as well as prescription reminders.

Apart from all these discussed apps, there are many more apps available on the google play store. Healthcare Application Development companies are constantly developing more and better apps with their latest API integration techniques, to make users, as well as medical professionals, experience more and more satisfying.


Last modified: 25 Jun 2020