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What Are The Best Restaurant App Development Consultants?

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With increased dependence on smartphones, the app stores have been experiencing an influx of mobile apps. Restaurant mobile apps are the most widely used apps as they satisfy the two most important needs of consumers; hunger and convenience. Have you as a restaurant owner noticed how your customers prefer reserving tables before visiting or click pictures of food before eating? And how important it has become to receive positive ratings and reviews of customers online? It is because most customers check the ratings and reviews prior to ordering or visiting a restaurant.

What are some statistics that describe the popularity of restaurant food ordering apps and the trust people have in them?

As per statistics, 

– 70% of people in the US prefer a restaurant’s own app over third-party food delivery apps.

– 45% of people believe that they would use online ordering services often if they were offered loyalty programs.

– 53% of people in the US trust restaurant apps or websites more than third-party portals & apps.

– 56% of people restaurant food delivery so that they can stay at home.

– 74% of people believe that more restaurants should offer deliveries.

– 63% of people find it more convenient to order out than dine-out.

Restaurant owners who are well aware of these stats would know how important it is to have a restaurant mobile app for their business. However, the most common challenge that restaurant owners face is finding the best restaurant app development consultants. Therefore, we will be discussing how you can find the right restaurant app development company for your business. We have also listed 4 companies that you can consider for your project.

How to find the best restaurant app development consultants?

When it comes to finding the best yet affordable restaurant app development company, there’s a process that one must follow. Following these steps and a filtering process will uncover the companies that are the best fit for your business. 

Online Platforms 

The first step towards the search for the best app development company requires you to refer to various platforms. You would, of course, Google the best restaurant app development consultants in your area or in a specific country and go with the results on the first page. However, it is advised to even refer to other platforms such as LinkedIn, Clutch, and Good Firms. You can even view reviews and ratings of companies on Clutch and Good Firms. These two platforms are the best among all to find app development companies specific to your requirements.

Background Check

After referring to these platforms, you would shortlist a few companies that appeal to you. The next step is to visit their websites and gather information on the background of the company such as; how many years of experience the company has in developing mobile apps? How many projects has the company delivered so far? Is the company present in different countries? 

Client Portfolio

The other important factor to consider is the client portfolio of the company. Look out for some of the impressive client names of the company and project highlights. Consider the number of clients the company has and its retention rate. Also, have a look at the client feedback and how satisfied the clients are with the services offered by the company.


On the basis of the above points, you would zero down on 2-3 mobile app development companies. It is then important to schedule a consultation with these companies to discuss your app requirements, the features you would need on the app, and the kind of design you require. Based on these factors the companies will be able to give you cost estimates of developing the restaurant mobile app for you. You can then go ahead and make a final decision, however, do not base your decision solely on the development cost estimates, and do consider the other factors as well.

What are the best restaurant app development companies?

The best restaurant app development companies are those that understand your business needs and make efforts to research your market and customer behavior. These companies provide the best app development solutions that are perfectly aligned with your business objectives, at the most affordable prices. Below is a list of the best restaurant app development companies that you can consult:

1. DreamCo Design

DreamCo Design is one of the best app development companies that has bagged the Best Web Design Agency ad Small Business of the Year title. They also have an A+ rating with the BBB for their quality services. The company provides app solutions for small and large restaurants and online ordering and delivery systems.

2. Enuke Software

Enuke Software is one of the leading restaurant app development companies that houses professional developers and designers and has an experience of more than 8 years in the industry. The company has successfully created projects that receive a million downloads on app stores. The developers are adept at building fully customized and polished mobile apps for restaurants with advanced features and the latest technologies.

 Enuke uses enterprise-grade tools and software so to deliver a high-end restaurant mobile app that is perfect for your business. The company prides itself in having a 92% client retention rate and a presence in over 30 countries serving more than 180 clients.

3. Puzzle Innovationz

With over 9 years of experience in diverse domains, Puzzle Innovationz serves industries such as Food, Travel, Real-Estate, Banking, Healthcare, etc. It is a prominent restaurant app development company that has developed more than 1000 projects for over 450 clients across 15+ countries and has an 85% client retention ratio.

4. Excellent Webworld

The other reputed restaurant mobile app development company on the list is Excellent Webworld. The app solutions that the company provides include restaurant mobile app, restaurant review app, restaurant app finder, restaurant deals, AR/VR, on-demand food delivery, etc. The company has an experience of more than 8 years and has delivered over 902 projects for more than 623 clients.


While choosing the right app development company for your business can be a difficult task, you must carefully evaluate your options to receive the best service that you expect. The steps and restaurant app development companies mentioned in this blog will help you kick-start your journey towards your restaurant app development. Hopefully, this should have provided you sufficient information on what are the best restaurant app development companies

Last modified: 9 Jul 2020