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on-demand food delivery apps

What Are The Companies That Develop On-Demand Food Delivery Apps?

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On-demand food delivery has been a trending topic for quite some time. It has had major positive impacts on restaurant businesses. People are more inclined towards food delivery at their doorstep in just a few taps on their smartphones. Resultantly, the online food delivery market has been soaring every year reaching a revenue of $122,739 million in 2020. Further. it is expected to supersize to a market volume of $164,002 million by 2024.

With restaurant and food businesses willing to make the most of the opportunities in the online food delivery market, they are making significant investments by developing food delivery apps. Consequently, the demand for developers has increased as every business wants to hire the best app development company. However, these businesses face a huge challenge in locating the best company to develop their app as the internet is filled to the brim with different app development companies.

Therefore, there are a few companies that you can consider for developing on-demand food delivery apps. Further, we would also discuss the factors you should consider while zeroing down on one food delivery app development company.

What are the steps to hire a company to develop on-demand food delivery apps?

Search On Different Platforms

If you are confused about where to start the search for mobile app development companies from, well, here’s a solution. There are a few platforms that you can refer to instead of solely relying on Google search results. As we all know, Google displays results as per SEO techniques used by companies. Therefore the top results may not always be the best. This requires you to do additional research on other platforms such as Clutch, Good Firms, LinkedIn, etc. 

For instance, Clutch is a platform that provides ratings and reviews on mobile app development companies. You can even connect with companies on LinkedIn or ask contacts for their suggestions.

Analyze Company Background

Once you have shortlisted a few companies, look into the background of these companies. Find out how many years of experience the company has and how many projects has the company completed. Further, you can look into the quality of completed projects and if there are any prominent names. Also, see how many countries the company is present in and how many clients it serves.

Client Overview

The next step requires you to gather a deeper insight into the clients of the company. Go through the client feedback and reviews left on the company’s website as well the platforms like Clutch. Analyze the quality of service provided by the company through the clients’ testimonials. Are the clients satisfied with the delivered project? What is the client retention rate of the company? The answers to these questions would give you a better understanding of whether the company will be able to live up to your expectations.

Schedule Consultation

After getting to know about the company, you might zero down on 2-3 companies. Schedule a consultation with these companies to understand how much the development of on-demand food delivery app would cost. The cost estimates will be provided by the companies only after understanding your project in detail, and discussing what kind of app you require, including the features, functionality, platforms, and design. You can also ask the company about the size of their development team, the development process, and the technology stack they use.

Hire The Best

The consultation with the shortlisted companies will help you finalize the best company for your business. Don’t just base your decision on the cheapest development cost as that may compromise with the quality of the app. Analyze which company has been able to understand your business better and has researched your market and consumers to provide you with the best on-demand food delivery app that stays ahead of the curve.

What are the best companies that develop food delivery apps?

Coruscate Solution

Been serving the industry for 6 years, Coruscate is present in 4 countries and has over 200 clients. The company is also present on and has received recognition from platforms such as GoodFirms, Clutch, Appfutura, NASSCOM, and CII.

App Emporio

Another good on-demand food delivery app development company is App Emporio that boasts over 65 skilled developers. The company provides on-demand app development services for restaurant chains, startup businesses, and single food stores.

Enuke Software

Enuke is a leading food delivery app development company with an experience of over 8 years in the industry. It serves more than 180 clients across 30 countries and prides itself on its client retention rate which is 92%. So far, Enuke has successfully completed over 500 projects and has earned a good reputation and trust of its clients. It also has some impressive reviews on Clutch which reveal the quality of mobile app development services provided by the company.

It fosters a big team of highly skilled developers specialized in different domains. One of its contributions towards the food delivery apps is Food Box which is a food delivery and discovery application that links various restaurants, food joints, and food chains with customers.


The other trusted on-demand food delivery app development company is Inoru that develops robust mobile applications for corporate giants, startups, and SMEs. The company provides app development services to various industries such as Healthcare, Logistics, Gaming, Dating, Media & entertainment, etc. They house over 250 developers around 6 offices globally and have delivered more than 350 projects in over 12 years with a 99% client satisfaction rate.


The last in the list is Endive Software which builds food ordering and delivery applications using the latest technologies and features. The company provides both White Label and Custom app development services with a user-friendly design, multiple payment integrations, and constant support. Endive develops web and mobile applications such as restaurant web portal, food ordering mobile apps, food & recipe blog, food ordering portal, restaurant mobile apps, restaurant search portal, etc. One of the apps created by them is Dishpal which is a food ordering and food delivery app.


Now that you know how to find the right on-demand food delivery app development company for your business and have a list of a few qualified companies you could refer to, you can start with the process of developing your own app. Hopefully, this blog on what are the companies that develop on-demand food delivery apps would have cleared most of your queries and prepared you to take a big leap over doing all the legwork to look for some of the best companies.

Last modified: 9 Jul 2020