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blockchain application development

Where And How To Hire Blockchain Application Developers?

With the influx of blockchain-based applications and the potential of blockchain technology to disrupt industries, blockchain developers are in high demand. Blockchain technology has changed the entire foundation of operational structure in businesses which makes it prestigious. Many companies are literally jumping on the bandwagon in order to integrate the blockchain technology into their services.

This idea has led to a great demand for skilled blockchain developers. Various development companies and corporates are on the lookout for well-established and knowledgeable developers. The process to hire the best Blockchain Application Development Company can be a challenge. This is because the demand for blockchain developers is far more than the supply.

Therefore, to hire skilled blockchain developers, you need to consider factors such as your company culture, the scale of your project, the number of developers your require, and whether a blockchain developer would be interested in your project.

How To Hire Blockchain Application Developers?

Whether you are an established company or a start-up, finding the right talent can be a challenging task. To hire the right blockchain application developers you need to consider certain factors as below:

Does The Developer Understand Basic Programming Concepts?

Blockchain developers may be blockchain enthusiasts who are developing their skills or experts in the field. Therefore, you need to evaluate if the blockchain developer understands the programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, C++, Node JS, Solidity, etc. The developer should also have a basic understanding of concepts such as Object-Oriented Programming, Multi-Threading, Syntax, and Socket Programming.

Does The Developer Understand Encryption & Security Concept?

Blockchain technology is all about cryptography and security. Therefore the blockchain developer you hire should have knowledge about the encryption and security concepts. These concepts include the Secure Hashing Algorithms such as SHA-2  or SHA-1, encryption and decryption, and the public and private cryptographic keys.

Does The Developer Understand The Basic Features of Blockchain?

The basics of blockchain that also exist in the definition of blockchain such as the terms distributed ledger technology (DLT), immutability, permissioned blockchain, public and private blockchain should be known by the blockchain developer. Furthermore, the developer should also have a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, decentralized apps (DApps), consensus, sharding, etc.

Does the Developer Understand Data Structures?

The essentials of software development that must be understood by both full-stack developers or blockchain application developers. These essentials are the data structures. A blockchain developer should have knowledge of data structures such as the Hash table, Linked list, and Acyclic graph.

What Development Tools Is the Developer Versed With?

The blockchain developer you plan to hire should be well-versed with development tools such as a Composer to build blockchain application; the programming language Remix; Explorer to build a web application that is user-friendly. The other tools include Mist to act as a transaction interface; Metamask to enable the transfer of cryptocurrencies; Etherscan to monitor transactions ad smart contracts on the Ethereum network; Caliper to monitor implemented blockchain performance; and Bitcoin BlockExplorer for information of addresses, blocks, and transactions of Bitcoin.

Where To Hire Blockchain Application Developers From?

You can connect and follow blockchain application developers on social media and public forums such as LinkedIn, Reddit, Github, etc. Blockchain enthusiasts and skilled developers also regularly attend events and conferences such as hackathons to connect with like-minded people. The other option is to hire a blockchain application development company that fosters talented blockchain developers.

However, before hiring a blockchain application development company or individual blockchain developers, ensure you consider the above-mentioned factors. Moreover, when considering to hire a blockchain application development company, you should consider a few more factors.

Experience of the Company

The years of experience of a blockchain application development company in crafting blockchain platforms is crucial as it increases the credibility of the company. Research about how long the company has been in the market, the awards and recognitions received for their work, and the quality, licenses, and patents of lunched products.

Client Portfolio

Consider the projects that the company has worked on, the number of clients the company has served, and the client retention rate that make up a client portfolio. Also, consider the kind of clients the company has worked with in terms of whether the clients were only startups or large organizations or a mix of both and if the company has a portfolio of blockchain projects. The portfolio of the company would indicate the quality of work and services it provides to its clients. 

Development Team

The main element that would influence your decision is the strength of the development team the blockchain application development company houses. You must understand if the company has an in-house development team or they hire developers from off-shore. You need to find out where the development team is located, what are the core strengths and key skills of each developer, and how do they communicate with each other if spread across different regions.

Development Process

The development process followed by the blockchain application development company should also be considered due to the different processes available. The companies that use the latest technologies would usually talk about scrum, agile, or extreme programming as the development techniques.

Technology and Tools

Companies that use the latest technologies and the most advanced tools for blockchain application development are the ones you should consider hiring. Highly-experienced software development companies use emerging technologies such as AI and IoT while developing blockchain applications.

Potential To Build Blockchain Applications

The developers should have a good knowledge and experience of using different technology stacks such as iOS and Android platforms, smart contracts, dApps, cloud, WebApps, and microservices

Services Offered

Lastly, confirm if the company provides end-to-end development services from consultation to launch and support. Another important factor to consider is whether the company provides support and maintenance services after the application has been launched. 


Now that you know where and how to hire blockchain application developers, and with an understanding that blockchain developers are in high demand, you need to dig deeper to find the best developers for your project. Finding them on job boards such as Blockgeeks, or at events and conferences can be a little challenging. Therefore, it is best to hire a blockchain application development company that fosters a team of skilled blockchain and full-stack developers who can handle your project without you having to struggle. 

Last modified: 6 Jul 2020