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As the world is going digital, we are preferring for the services which are providing us the convenience and the smart work processes. In order to enlighten the path of knowledge between the OTA and airline agencies,  you should be aware of the terms online travel agents/ agencies and the airline agencies. As both are linked relatively but there are some deals or you can say there are some parameters which make the airline’s agency agree to join hands with the travel agencies.


An OTA or a travel website is fully dedicated to travel. Online travel agencies are the fastest-growing distribution channel of the travel industry. There is a massive opportunity for hotels to reach and attract guests all over the world. OTA allows you to book hotel rooms, flight tickets, holiday packages, train tickets etc sitting in your room using a phone or a computer.

We can know more about the online travel agencies. Online Travel Agencies can also be depicted as the travel online booking facilities for hotels, airlines, cars, and websites that provide other travel related services to users. OTAs are based on a B2B2C system.

In a B2B2C system, the owner of the website or the seller’s upload their products. The customers will book the products either from the owner or seller directly from the website. In this process, the owner can have a commission from the seller.

Many hotels including the small and mid-sized hotels are not satisfied with the commission The OTAs generally take a commission ranging from ten to thirty percentage rates as it leaves less profit for them. This kind of system is also known as Marketplace. So to have their own web presence many hotels require a website to gain direct online bookings. But building a hotel website requires a good amount of investment. So such hotels to not find any alternative other than OTAs to get online reservations.

As per the online travel agencies have partied to the boon, the Travel Portal Development companies took up the head start and made further to that ovation. These application development companies come and draw all the requirements of their clients and put them together.

In a travel app, A travel planning application has been a major contributing factor for a successful travel business depending on what the travel business want to design. Travel and tourism is a great industry and with the travel applications in the picture, this has extremely boosted travel businesses.

How has technology changed travel agency business for the better?

Travel agency apps tend to collaborate data with various modes of transportation such as planes, buses, taxis, rental cars, etc. that can be further included as a travel feature in the application. Security in Travel portals is encrypted with data which is ensured to be safe for both clients as well as the user. It makes sure that any detail regardless of who it is, is kept safe. One stop solution: You can use a travel portal for various purposes such as car rentals, sightseeing, insurance as well as additional features like travel journals, events related to the destination, etc.

Travel and technology have made it into one another so perfectly together since the time of smartphones. People prefer quick planning when it comes to packing their backpacks. A travel agency software should have all the necessary features one can think about.


Last modified: 28 Mar 2018


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