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Why Not To Hire A Freelancer For Developing Your Travel Booking Engine?

As a travel startup, entering the travel industry where the competition is already fierce, can be challenging in terms of having a strong business plan, marketing strategy, and a budget for various operations. Having an online presence is essential for every travel business in today’s digital era. But, startups have to constantly bear the pressure of having to develop a travel booking engine with a limited budget.

At times like these, the cheapest option for them is to hire freelance developers for their online travel portal. On the other end, a few existing travel businesses also choose freelancers to build their travel portal. They don’t realize how that decision could affect the quality of their travel portal. For this reason, this blog discusses why not to hire a freelancer for developing your travel booking engine.

Why you shouldn’t hire a freelancer for travel portal development?

The choice you make between a freelance developer and a dedicated software development company can make or break your business. Freelance developers may seem to be a luring option owing to the huge cost savings. However, this decision may also turn out to be an expensive mistake. Here are the reasons why hiring a freelancer is not a good decision:

Lack of Quality

Quality work with freelancers is not something you can be sure of. The development process of any kind of application requires different skills that a single developer may not possess. Therefore, several developers and designers with specialized skills work on one project as a team to build a quality app. Therefore, a freelancer for development may not give you the same results as a travel application development company

Certainly, there is a difference between the cost of hiring a freelancer or hiring a software development company. However, if the app developed by the freelancer is not responsive or of good quality, you may have to bear more costs in the future on the maintenance or even lose out on customers.

Delivery Delays

Since the freelancer is not your employee, it is all the more difficult to monitor his work. For instance, the freelancer may take a day off without informing or not work the required hours. Moreover, there’s nothing much you can do about it, in the fear of losing the developer. Such situations lead to project delivery delays or no delivery at all. Therefore, investing your time, money, and efforts in a freelancer is a big risk. But you can avoid this risk by hiring a professional travel portal development company.

Lack of Specialized Skills

The third reason to not hire a freelancer lies in the above point as well. Only if you are extremely lucky, you would find a freelance developer that is an all-rounder, with skills. Generally, the development process requires a team of developers and designers that includes frontend developers, backend developers, UI/UX designers, and QA engineers. It is almost impossible for an individual to have skills in all areas of development. 

Therefore, with your app entrusted in the hands of a freelancer, the future of the app is not very bright. Moreover, if you manage to hire 2-3 freelancers with specializations in different areas, it would still be difficult for you to get them to cooperate with each other. Therefore, you may end up focusing more on managing them than on your core processes.

Lack of Professionalism

When compared to full-time employees of an organization who are accountable for the project they are working on, it is not possible to expect the same kind of professionalism from a freelancer who is not bound by a contract with any company and works with his free will. Also, while full-time employees may be committed to focusing on the company’s objectives and success, that will not be the case with a freelancer. Freelancers lacking the professionalism that you would otherwise expect from the employees of a company, may affect the quality of the app as well as it is bound to cause irregularities at the freelancer’s end.

Risk of Miscommunication

There’s always a risk of miscommunication or lack of communication while working with freelancers as it is not possible to always talk to them face-to-face. With a lack of regular contact, communication errors are bound to happen. Not being able to understand your requirements will directly impact the quality of your app. 

No Guaranteed Support & Maintenance

Freelance developers work on a number of projects at the same time. Therefore, they have to be quick in order to be able to deliver the projects. Once they have delivered the project, freelancers generally do not provide any support or maintenance as they move on to completing other projects. So, in case your travel booking engine faces errors, bugs or any other issues, you may have to seek help from another developer or a person who has the technical knowledge, This would add further costs to your app development.


Despite the above points to not hire a freelancer, it is still possible to find a professional freelance developer for your travel booking engine. However, you would certainly face one or more shortcomings by not hiring a professional travel application development company. Therefore, it is safe to carefully analyze your options and select one of the software development companies that is not only light on the pocket but also has the experience of developing quality apps.

Last modified: 7 Jul 2020