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travel agencies without travel tech

Why Travel Agencies Are Failing Without Travel Tech?

In today’s era, technology is becoming an indispensable part of travel, with travellers embracing travel tech to save on time and money. Travellers heavily rely on smartphones and other devices to plan their travel vacation. Travel technology not only helps travellers save time and avoid queues but also helps them to personalise their travel. One-fourth of travellers depend on digital technology such as social media platforms to take opinions and suggestions from their friends and contacts about the destinations they have been to. However, for some reason travel agencies are failing to leverage the opportunities that travel tech offers. Therefore, in this blog, we will be discussing why travel agencies are failing without travel tech.

Using technology in travel booking has helped corporates in commencing their business meets successfully and facilitating profitable business trips. Online travel agencies are coming to realize the importance of technology in order to compete with the digitalization of travel. Travel technology helps travel agents in eliminating human errors or guesswork. Moreover, they can craft packages that are convenient and affordable for their customers.

What are the reasons for travel agencies to fail without travel tech?

With numerous travel apps present in the market, it is safe to say that travel agencies without travel tech are heading towards doomsday. Travel apps highly influence travelers. These apps provide them ease in making their travel reservations, comparing costs, and deciding on destinations to visit. All this at their own convenient time. Therefore, travel agencies that fail to capitalize on travel tech, lose out in the race. Simply having an online travel portal can solve these problems and can accelerate their sales and revenue. Here are a few reasons why travel agencies are failing without travel tech.

Lack of Inventory 

A travel agency that hasn’t gone digital generally sources its inventory by building contacts and relationships with airlines, hoteliers, and other travel companies. Therefore, it takes a long time for travel agencies to provide their customers with a vast choice of hotel rooms, rental cars or flights. The tech-savvy travellers prefer the convenience of using online travel portals to search and plan their travel. With fewer choices, they end-up using the services of other online travel agencies.

Whereas, with travel tech, travel agencies can leverage the power of digitalization. They can own an online travel portal with GDS integration services. With the best GDS/API integration, they can access a vast travel inventory to make travel reservations for their customers. Similarly, customers too can access this inventory and make their own reservations for different destinations.

No Option to Book Online

With the professional lives getting busier, people hardly find the time to visit a brick and mortar travel agency. They would rather go online, search for travel-related products from the comfort of their homes or during their breaks at work. Therefore, travel agencies that don’t have an online travel portal are very likely to lose out on customers and experience a downfall. The solution is to build an online travel portal for your travel agency to increase your customer base globally.

No Online Presence

Travel agencies leverage digital platforms and social media such as Facebook and Instagram to build their online presence, create brand visibility and engage with their customers. The travel agencies that are not harnessing the power of social media are missing out. Social media platforms help travel agencies gain credibility and build customer’s trust. They also provide an analysis of their customers’ travel behaviour. The data can be retrieved through the activities on social media and used to craft personalized packages for customers. Travel agencies can also offer them deals for the particular destinations they are interested in.

Building an online presence is crucial for the long term sustainability of travel agencies. Therefore, travel agencies that have not gone digital tend to fail and lose out on customers.

Limited Access to Information

With the influx of travel apps that provide necessary information such as flight status, delays, baggage information, or 24 hours customer support through in-app messaging, travellers feel less stressed about travelling to a new destination. Customers are less likely to use travel agencies that don’t have their own travel portals or applications. These travel agencies can give only limited information to customers. Moreover, customers have to wait on calls to connect to an agent.

Imagine a situation wherein your customer is stranded at a foreign destination. His hotel booking hasn’t been confirmed and he is asked to contact the agency he made his bookings with. The situation would stress the traveller and he may have to wait for a long time to get in touch with his agent. Whereas, this process can be expedited with the help of a travel app that can connect customers with their agent.


With the focus of travel changing from destination-based to experience-based, it is vital for every travel agency to harness the power of travel tech. The technologies available for the travel industry are present massive opportunities and travel agencies can leverage these opportunities mainly through the use of social media, mobile technology, and human touch. Not realizing the impact of technology on the travel business is why travel agencies are failing without travel tech.

Last modified: 7 Jul 2020