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Online Grocery Delivery Business Application

Get complete set of solutions to acquire, manage, process and deliver orders for your Online Grocery Business with use of sophisticated technology.

Online Grocery Delivery Business Application

The growing urge of people to order everything with just a click sitting at their suitable places have increased the business of Online Grocery Delivery Business Application in India and across the globe through which one can order a day’s, a week or a month’s grocery items online and can get it delivered at their place in no time.

The reason to shop online include better prices, larger selection and Convenience of time and payment options. Getting delivery at the doorstep is a relief for working class people, physically disabled persons, people with transportation problems and others leading a busy lifestyle as they can share some burden of their daily life with technology based services.

But the e-tailers or e-grocers have still a long way to go as there are some challenges related to this service which needs to be considered.

Online Grocery Delivery Business Application Challenges:

For Buyers:

a) Shipping Costs– Shipping costs are the delivery charges incurred by a customer above the cart amount. To avoid pay extra for delivery and save money, customers buy through brick and stores market.

b) Insecure Payments– A large set of Internet users are still fear for the information leak while filling their debit/credit card particulars and cannot rely on the security and authenticity of the payment gateways.

c) Delayed delivery– Most of the times, the housewives or other family members are in an immediate need of some things but online delivery still take time of a day or two on an average.

d) Less Social exposure– Some people meet at specific points and go together for shopping, share stories with one another while standing at the store and enjoy the social interactions which is missing if one buys from online store.

e) Product Quality– The decision makers are concerned with the quality and freshness of the products like fruits and vegetables and prefer to buy such eatables directly from the market.

 For Sellers:

  • Rapid Growth of Market which is difficult to cope with

  • Expectation of online buyers to offer variety of products/services

  • Difficult to change customer habits of buying from stores

  • Attaining Customer loyalty is a distant dream in the war of price cuts

Global Online Grocery Market Data:

U.K is the most prominent player in the online food delivery market with online retailing grocery sales comprising of 5.0% of total grocery sales in 2016 or about 110$ per person. Major online food retailers such as France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States provides full grocery range.

E-tailing has come up with an average of $20 per person in Switzerland’s market in 2008. In Germany, online grocery has has made only a minor dent in sales with 0.2% of total market share.

By looking at these trends, it is clear to say that there exists a niche of online grocers in the world. There is vast opportunities in non-perishable food items, alcoholic beverages, fresh and readymade food.

Online Grocery Delivery Application Service Provider:

Enuke Software Pvt Ltd is a leading developer of Online grocery portals and web application based in India with an experience of more than 8 years in this field with the most updated technology.

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