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File Sharing Application Development

Making File Sharing easier and quicker by using prevalent technologies for File Sharing App Development.

File Sharing Mobile App Development


Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is technically creative File Sharing Mobile App Development Company, dealing with all kind of file sharing problems and providing their solutions.

Today, smartphones are more or less like little computers in our hands. But, no matter how much prevalent smartphones are, they are not interconnected well enough yet. Sharing larger files and larger number of files is still a big hassle. Smartphones still can’t be used seamlessly to share files, data, photos and videos, in real time with their quality retained.

After spending hours on working on a file, you come up with a message that you cannot attach the file or multiple files of collectively larger size to email because it’s too large. Sharing larger files through cloud services is also terrible because it takes a lot of time to upload and download the files. File sharing mobile apps save you from all such hassles. With the right file sharing apps installed, smartphones are a great life saver when it comes to sharing files and data. A File sharing app development company usually takes all the scenarios into consideration.

File sharing mobile app development tend to offer the opportunity to share larger files and comes handy when you have to share a lot of files to multiple devices. With a file sharing mobile app, you will never have to carry around a flash drive or a data cable for data transfer. You can transfer any type of file, of any size, anytime, anywhere.

File sharing apps generally use intermediary server which pushes files on the receiving device instantly.

Benefits of a good File Sharing Mobile App:


  • Real Time Sharing: File sharing mobile apps helps to share files in real time, with no delay at all.
  • Speed: File sharing mobile apps are optimized to share files with lightning speed.
  • Easy and Secure: Even the largest of files can be shared in very a short time. Generally no signup or login is required for file sharing apps. Nothing can be simpler than this. Also, the files are sent very securely sent to another device, which is another reason to rely on file sharing mobile apps.
  • Unlimited Sharing: File of any type and any size can be sent with just a few taps on the screen of smartphone.
  • Cross Platform: File sharing apps are independent of operating system which means files can be shared between various platforms (android, apple, windows, and desktops) as well.
  • Optimal Path: File sharing apps generally chooses the best and fastest optimal path to share files, and that can be through Wi-Fi, cellular network, or NFC. The path for sharing can be selected even manually.
  • Multi Sharing: File sharing mobile apps assist in sharing multiple files in just a few taps. They also provide the feature to connect with multiple devices and share files simultaneously.
  • Remote View: Any files or folders on the phone can be viewed remotely on PCs and can also be transferred remotely.
  • Backup: File sharing mobile apps come to aid in bad times with backup feature. They can keep a backup of important files and recover at any later time.


No matter what type of files you want to transfer, irrespective of its size, file sharing mobile apps come into play.

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is a leading File Sharing Mobile App Development company with an experience of more than 7 years in the area of file sharing apps. Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. brings to you the best solutions and services for File Sharing Mobile Apps development.

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