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Health Care Application Development


“Technology cannot and should not replace physicians’ skills, experience and face-to-face interaction. However, technology can and should be held accountable as a partner.”

As healthcare turns up from pay-for-service to pay-for-value, hospitals and physicians are increasingly being held accountable for outcomes by the government, payers and patients. Historically, provider organizations only had to meet performance criteria to earn a pay-for-performance bonuses or hospital certification, but with the arrival of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), meaningful use and other programs, payment is now based on the quality of care rather than quantity of services. Here are the best Health care application development services offered by our company.

Now, what if we say we have mixed up this QUALITY with IT sector’s simplicity and sophistication. Yeah! Yes, it’s true!! We believe that the most important details of a patient should be at the most convenient place, that is, at the bedside. This is what we have done. Now everything is at your finger-tips. Many Health care app development companies are coming from India and offering offshore development but we offer quality services.

Ever since its inception, Enuke Software is sincerely working in the field of Healthcare industry to provide sophisticated IT solutions worldwide with a noble cause. With our strong technical knowledge and domain expertise, we are serving the world with healthcare application development and system integration.

We, at Enuke, have redefined healthcare solutions with our areas of medical software development expertise covering EHRs/EMRs, data collection and analysis, ambulatory care.


Healthcare Software Development

With experience & willingness for excellence to mould up innovation, healthcare software development is our calling. We design software integrated with iPhone, iPad & other high-end devices.


Mobile healthcare Design & Development

Mobility, being intimate & personal, is the key of engaging end users. Our mobile healthcare app development methodology creates mobile experiences that stimulate adaptation, engagement and make even the most harried cardiologist smile.


HIPPA & FDA Software Development

We provide HIPAA and FDA software guidance from inception. Our process helps in accelerating product launches while managing the complexities of regulatory requirements.

With a team of highly coordinated Healthcare app developers, we bridge up experience, willingness for excellence to mould up innovation with a mutual set of understanding and client-friendly environment.

Environment eHealth: Integrated solutions for care providers

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Medical Reporting System
  • Practice Management

System Integration

  • EMR Integration
  • e-Prescribing
  • medical coding

mHealth: Healthcare mobile Solutions

  • Software for mobiles & tablets
  • Healthcare apps- the mobile version


  • Nutrition & Dieting apps
  • Scheduling solutions

Innovative ideas and Technologies are of crucial impact in Healthcare Industry and shape up new opportunities in medical software development sector. As the quantities of medical data are often overwhelming, it rather impossible to process, analyze and discover every possible data humanly. Here IT solutions do the job. Even Decision Making tasks are possible with us.

Our Softwares help Medical Practitioners in Decision Making process by error reduction and by providing the drug interference instructions on hand.

The Enuke software Healthcare team invests heavily in proprietary R&D projects, successfully applying it as per the needs of the client’s projects when appropriate.

Dosing Calculations & Error Reduction

  • Dosing Calculations for children
  • Error Reduction
  • Treatment in Emergency Care

Data Mining & mLearning

  • Clinical and Pharmaceutical and Text Mining
  • Predictive Analysis of Epidemic Data
  • Health Monitoring & Emergency

Healthcare Data Visualization

  • EMR Integration: Patient Lifeline Visualization
  • Disease Statistics Analysis
  • Patient Medical Examination Result Visualization
  • Practice Performance Visualization