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GIS & Google Map

GIS short for Global Information Science allows you to view, understand and visualize the common locations data such as addresses and co-ordinates and display all forms of geographical information related to it. Thus GIS helps you solve your concerns and answers all your questions by providing you the detailed data in a quick and easily understandable manner. GIS and Google Map technology easily embeds into any enterprise’s information system framework.


GIS gives you a new advance and detailed look of world around you by delivering following features like:


  • Map the things and their locations using Google Maps and GIS applications
  • Map quantities with GIS services to find places for business as per your criteria and choice.
  • Map inside stories of every news tagged with GIS application nearby you.
  • Support for street addresses
  • Helps departments and agencies to share their data by creating a shared database.

Who Uses GIS?

Small and medium businesses like restaurants use GIS application services to be able to locate their customers nearby medical practitioners to find out what’s happening in medical and drug stores and related stories nearby to them, and government officials and contractors need to see the map and plan future course of action for development and evaluate the action policies.

Enuke is Complete Solutions Provider that offers you the resources with a wide range of solutions for technical needs in GIS development and Google Maps Applications. Enuke is amongst the trusted leaders and inventors of web-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which foster and promote the enhanced economic development and web services.