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M-commerce app development company


“Delivering all the capabilities of your e-commerce store directly into consumer’s hand anytime, anywhere, through most innovative and interactive m-commerce apps”

M-commerce or Mobile e-commerce is next generation e-commerce. M-commerce is becoming the most preferable choice for online shopping, bill payments, movie ticket bookings, travel ticket bookings, retail transactions, information delivery, and a lot more other things. Thus, Many people are looking for Best M-Commerce app development company. Mobile commerce can be concluded as:


“M-Commerce: The future of E-commerce”


With increasing penetration of smartphones and tablets, mobile commerce is becoming the fast growing portion of e-commerce. Compared to PC’s, access to handheld devices is much larger and is growing at an accelerated pace.

Mobile internet is rapidly outweighing personal computer’s traffic and m-commerce is likely to grow steadily and rapidly as more advanced wireless handheld accessories become available. Researchers state that, by 2018, around half of the online retail sales will happen on mobile devices.

When future looks all mobile, mobile commerce is the most relevant sector for growth in retail. Since m-commerce is making such a huge impact to the market, more and more businesses, small or large, are optimizing themselves to support mobile platforms. Considering this scenario, you just can’t neglect an m-commerce application for their business. You must ensure that you have a good mobile responsive app/website, which is highly user interactive.

For those who are planning to start or have just started an e-commerce business, m-commerce is a bliss. In a world where everyone’s using a smartphone, or iPad, it is necessary to have a mobile friendly application, where consumers can purchase your products and services with ease.

Factors that are affecting m-commerce:

• People are spending more and more time on mobiles
• Mobile Payment Systems
• Speed
• Security
• Convenience
• Innovation
• Email Marketing

Enuke Softwares as M-commerce application Development Company!

Since, the evolution and growth of smartphones and tablets have marked one of the major developments in retail sector, we are all set to be a massive developer for m-commerce applications, providing end-to-end solutions. We, as developers, make the most innovative, user friendly and interactive m-commerce applications, and hence, making shopping a seamless experience for your customers.

Some of the m-payments and m-commerce app development services that we provide:

• Online Mobile Stores
• Retail Transactions
• Bill Payments
• Money Transfer
• Movie Ticket Bookings
• Travel Ticket Bookings


With rapidly increasing penetration of smartphones, it’s time to go mobile with the solutions and services provided by well experienced m-commerce application development company, Enuke Softwares Pvt. Ltd.


We design user-friendly m-commerce applications that provide customers a satisfactory shopping services and experience. We have a diverse team of highly skilled mobile application developers, providing best solutions to all your technical requirements, so you can provide best services to your customers.


Our developers have gained hands on experience in developing high performance multi device applications for mobile, tablets, and desktops.


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