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News and Media App Development

Give a boost to your News & Media Business by blending Mobile App Technology with the help of our experienced development team.

News & Media App Development Company

News and Media Apps have changed the way people read or listen to news. News Apps have become a very basic part of life as people are shifting to their i phones and mobile devices to fulfill their daily news reading habits. The advantage of such news apps are they collect best news from various sources and serve it to the subscribers.

Media apps too, undoubtedly undergone significant transformations as people want to share their real time photos and videos with their friends instantly, watch movies, listen or watch song videos, flip through an online magazine or get to know more about their favorite celebs.

Media and news apps are increasingly synced together as we can see Facebook’s impact over how news is shared and discussed. News, no doubt, is essential for everybody’s life and in today’s competitive era, one needs to be updated with recent happening and activities going around. Every second, many news headlines are formed, therefore, such apps have the potential to earn large amount of money.

Everyone has some genre or topic of interest, one of the greatest advantage of such news and media apps is to filter out the content of user’s respective interest arena. Another benefit is to select the depth of reading one wants to get in as many media apps have features embedded where a headline with a small description is given and if one is interested in the subject or wants to know more about it, then more reading is provided, otherwise there is no need to go through unnecessarily.

Why do your newspaper or magazine needs a Mobile App?

Everybody is getting more and more accustomed for doing online searches for every information they need. Whether it is looking for a kindergarten school for the children or whether looking for the best confectionery shop in the neighborhood. The news and media coverage are also a part of it. Smartphone users want instant news access anywhere anytime.

Technology needed for News and Media Apps

News and Media App Development requires to:

  • RSS feed: all sections needs to be linked up with RSS feeds

  • Ad sense enabled: To earn money with the app, ads are placed with the content

  • Market Research: To know and promote the hottest and viral news, surveys are made.

  • Multimedia content: Images, Moving images, audio and video are rich content which news and media apps should be blended with.

  • Menu: Create attracted and well designed menu with proper category of news and entertainment for mobile apps.

  • Integration with social platforms: Social networking sites such as twitter, Facebook etc needs to be fully integrated for easy sharing and review of news article

  • Easy sharing: Easy sharing options such as wassup and e-mail allows readers to share contents with their friends quickly for discussions

  • and many more things…

Seems complex? Don’t get worried as Enuke Software Pvt Ltd is the solutions provider to all above stated technology needs. It provides Integrated Application Management and Unique user experience with the help of an expert team of developers who are well versed with launching an app from conception stage to high tech reality.

Why go for Enuke?

If you are aware with the power of mobile apps and want to take a step toward investing in news and media app for growing your business, just take a leap of faith with Enuke Software Pvt Ltd.

Enuke Software has 8 years of experience in IT solutions, business consulting and advisory services. The company has a track record of developing robust mobile applications with on priority client support services.

We have strong base of satisfied clients in different countries globally and are enthusiastic to get more and more opportunities to become a leader among global News and Media App Development Company.

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