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Online Movie Booking App Development

We are a team of Development Experts helping you build a strongand engaging e-ticketing platform that makes booking movie tickets easier and interesting.

Online Movie Booking App Development

Online Movie Booking App and Websites saves time and efforts of movie patrons to go at a movie hall and stand in queues for buying tickets. There is no risk of returning empty handed in case of all tickets being sold, have many promotional schemes which floats such as discounts, cash back or free popcorn attracting a large traffic on websites who are looking for cinema tickets.

Moreover, these online movie booking app do not just work as ticket booking facilitators, they are also used for pre-event promotions or marketing activities post events due to changing market dynamics.

Online Movie Booking App Advantages to Users:

1. Movie Information- Complete Information about the films (Actors, Release date, Synopsis)

2. Location Information- Users can sort and find all cinema halls playing a particular movie, can look for the nearest hall as per their location.

3. Price Transparency- The prices of all the tickets are shown at the common platform and one can find the best option as per their budget by doing a quick search.

4. Multiple Payment Options- People can pay in secure network connection through payment gateways. Credit cards, Debit cards, e-Wallets, Net Banking, e-Cash can be used as payment mode. Moreover, customers can also pay through cash at counters by just reserving the tickets online.

5. Eco-friendly- The ticket is generated electronically and there is no need to print paper tickets which eliminates the possibility of lost tickets and saves a lot of paper contributing to a healthy and green environment.

6. Flexible- Users have flexibility of cancelling the tickets online which is also an important reason making it more attractive to movie zealots.

7. Convenience- The hassle free process of sitting at your place and booking tickets without taking a step out makes user interested to go online and even ready to pay a marginal high price.

8. Others- Reviews, ratings, comments as well as critics of each movie is posted which makes it very informative and communicative.

Movie Booking Portals Industry Insights:

Online movie ticket application and website development is a very booming Industry as it is estimated to grow by $13.72 billion by 2017 globally, with a CAGR of 7.3 percent.

The market for booking of movie tickets at North America was valued at over USD 4.0 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow at a fast rate. Sales in the U.S and Canada markets are also booming up due to increased proliferation of technology and Higher per capita income. Asia Pacific region is projected to show a tremendous growth of over 14.0% from 2015 to 2022.

Online Movie Booking App Platform Insights:

Movie Ticketing platforms with strong Mobile application offering e-ticketing services are winning the market share from the side of customers as well as vendors analyzing the current trends. The reasons behind this is the increasing penetration of smart phones making the figures of e-commerce done through mobile to reach more than 40%. So, the entrepreneurs are in the perfect position to capitalize on this technology as the opportunities have no limit.

Enuke software, is a leading Online Movie Booking App Development Company designing the best movie ticketing portals and Apps. The developers are the experts who constantly strive to enhance the movie watching experience for all.

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