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Windows Presentation Foundation

WPF – Windows Presentation Foundation is a subsystem in .NET framework for graphical user interfaces in computer software and is developed and distributed by Microsoft. WPF provides a cooperative framework that makes application development an ultimate experience with support for 2D and 3D graphical UIs. With use WPF competitive and performing applications can be made in lesser time by developers using multi level data binding and extensible controls. Not just this, WPF provides a language called XAML which is based XML and delivers a more efficient way for developing applications user interfaces.

Latest Version: WPF version 4.5

This new version comes up with many new advanced features than its ancestors. Performance is improved so thus the efficiency of the WPF 4.5 subsystem with .NET Framework 4.5. New features for virtualizingPanel like size of the cache can be specified before and after the viewport and developers can avoid generation of UI elements as well. Updation time of the source of a data binding can be altered using delay property and live shaping to reposition data as the value of data changes. As of 2013 it is expected that Silverlight and WPF controls will be equipped with advanced features for PivotGrid, spreadsheet and ChartView controls.

WPF Salient Features

  • XAML enables Developer and Designer to work independently
  • 2D and 3D graphics with hardware quickened effects
  • Data binding, extensible Controls enables developers to build highly incorporated applications
  • Flexibility for 3D effects & scenes.
  • Built-in Animation with Different Templates & Styles
  • Resource management & Content control mechanism.
  • XAML provides developers and designers to
  • Same programming model for web & windows system