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Angular JS Application Development

Enuke offers a capitalistic business solution with its sophisticated AngularJS Development

  1. We are ecstatic to reveal that we have successfully endowed business solutions to over and above 150 enterprises.
  2. Our AngularJS dominion proficiency exceeds the level such that our architects can design a business solution for any vertical.
  3. We have a team of 200 and exceeding proficient and eminent specialists.
  4. Our cost-efficient solutions of AngularJS technology are for all kinds of enterprises – large, small, startups and so on.
  5. Our customer assessment and confidence define the quality of our work.
  6. As a customer, you have the resilience to select from our fixed and hourly engagement model.

Enuke’s vision on AngularJS Application Development

AngularJS is an economically efficient solution for scheming web and mobile business applications.Enuke has delivered scalable, feature-packed and splendid web and mobile application solutions for countries across the globe like USA, UK etc.
Being one of notable AngularJS application development company, we always stay savvy of all latest trends in the technology along with AngularJS 5.We believe in implementing the persistent and secure solution by using the best features of AngularJS.
We are conversant with the diverse frameworks of AngularJS and offer the best business solutions to our customers.

Our AngularJS service offerings


AngularJS Web and Mobile App Development

We provide potent, sustainable and next-gen web and mobile apps using the AngularJS technology; with streamlined implementation and testing.


AngularJS Customizations

As per the business needs of the customer, we provide customized web and mobile app solutions to improve the feasibility.


AngularJS UI/UX Development

Our expertise facilitates us to design great UI/UX interfaces using the designs provided by AngularJS itself, with the focus on delivering an astonishing experience to the customers.


AngularJS Support and Maintenance

We support our customers in keeping their applications updated with reference to the latest trends in AngularJS. We also provide maintenance in terms of updating the domain versions etc.


AngularJS e-Commerce and shopping carts Development

We offer best e-Commerce and shopping cart solutions to our customers to enhance their customer communication, boost the sales and conversion rates.

Our Initiation Process for your AngularJS application

Analysis of the proposal


Once the customers share their business proposal with us, we allocate the best resources for the implementation.


Commencing the project


Based on the engagement model, once the quotes are settled, the project implementation begins in the coming 24 hours’ time.

Why Enuke?


The Certified team of experts

Our team of experts is certified and experienced to implement the solution exactly in-line with the business requirement.


Our experience in different verticals

We have provided business solutions not only in e-Commerce vertical but other verticals too like healthcare, travel, manufacturing and so on.


Our Execution Methodology

We follow the SCRUM of the Agile methodology because we believe that constant assessment from customer helps in inflating the business.




AngularJS provides the developers with a high level of abstraction – to simplify their work. Moreover, AngularJS enables you to handle the client side and the server side models with equal ease. Furthermore, the work of UI designers become equally simple – without any issues caused by DOM and jQuery calls.


Faster Development

In order to quickly churn out a scalable AngularJS application – all that needs to be done by you is to add some features while polishing the HTML code.


Two-way Data Binding

AngularJS is supportive of faster and easier way of data binding called as two-way data binding – where changes made to the view is automatically reflected in the model.


Highly Testable Websites

AngularJS builds highly testable websites as well as applications. It enables your applications ready with end-to-end unit testing. It has scenario runner and unit testing API – that enables testing under real-time conditions.


Responsive User Experience

It is the end-user experience that matters the most for any application development. AngularJS builds smooth and continuously navigating websites and apps – which are fast-loading and responsive.


Higher Performance

Higher performance of applications are possible with AngularJS as it uses the Model-View-View and Model-View-Controller architecture patterns.

Technologies and Tools

  • Android studio

    Android studio

  • Android SDK

    Android SDK

  • Java


  • Kotlin


  • C++


  • HTML5


  • Window 10

    Window 7/8

  • Linux


  • Sketchapp


  • Invision


  • Phonegap


  • Rhomobile


  • PHP


  • Mosync


  • Swift


Our Happy Clients

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Client Testimonials

We love to hear what our happy customers have to say about our services.


Enuke has performed amazing feats in the development of the eBroselow system. It is the most exceptional team I have ever worked with. Besides high quality code, they have shown superb communication skills – both in general and also in the English language. Furthermore, they have shown tremendous patience both in solving complex problems and in dealing with me as as customer :). I’d be happy to give a more-detailed reference to anyone who asks.

Peter Lazar
eBroselow, LLC (USA)

I hired Manu and his team at Enuke to work on some web development work for Bottlenotes. They were among several contractors that we were testing out, and they quickly established themselves at the top of the pack. What impressed me most about them is that I’m able to give them fairly loose, high level instructions, and they look at the broader technical implications that as a non-technical person I may not have considered. In short, they think a step ahead.

Andy Anderson
Bottlenotes (USA)

Angular JS is in the limelight for web and mobile application development because of its innovative and appealing features. There are a whole lot of companies which are offering Angular JS development services to suit today’s changing business needs. Angular JS gained popularity because its biggest asset which is that it is an open source framework with a big supporting community. There’s a big hype around Angular JS development company and right from the big players till startups, everyone has started offering their services in this domain.

Enuke is also an Angular JS development company and we have more than 5 years of experience in this technology. With the focus creative app development, we offer dynamic development with the support of our over and beyond 200 experts. We pledge to give value to the quality of our solution with our Angular JS development services.

With the passion to grow, motivating our whole team, we grew and completed 10 years in the industry. We design solutions for our customers in the light of their return on investment. Enuke is also an Angular JS development company which provides Angular JS development services right from business requirement analysis to maintenance.

  • What is Angular JS?

    • Angular JS also referred as Angular.js is an open-source JavaScript-based web and mobile application framework mainly for the UI or front-end. It is supported by Google and the community of people to overcome the challenges faced by an Angular JS development company while developing single-page applications. The JavaScript components are balanced by the Apache Cordova, which is a framework used for scheming cross-platform mobile apps.
    • The Angular JS framework initially reads the HTML page, which has supplementary custom tag features implanted into it. It infers these features as pragmas to tie the input or output of the page to a structure that is characterized by the traditional JavaScript variables. The values of these variables can be set by hand or obtained from the dynamic or static resources of JSON. This Framework can only be designed by best Angular JS development company like Enuke.
    • The design objective of Angular JS includes:
      • To dissociate DOM handling from the application logic. The trickiness of this is intensely affected by the structural design of the code.
      • To dissociate the client side from the server side of the application. This helps the development efforts to advance in parallel without any dependencies and even aids the reuse of code of both client and server.
      • To provide an assembly for the voyage of developing the application; right from designing the front end to designing the business rules (and logic) to testing.
    • Angular JS utilizes the MVC standard to distinguish the components of – data, presentation, and logic. By making use of ‘dependency injection’, Angular JS brings customarily the services from server side to client side in a web application. Subsequently, the load of the server gets shared by the client, thus increasing the server efficiency. Angular JS development company can easily manage this framework to work effectively
  • What are the noteworthy features of Angular JS?

    • Today’s is the age of technology and hence developers have to aim at developing single page applications – web and mobile with the help of up-to-date platforms to save time and cost. To tell the truth, Angular JS development services save both time and cost. Hire Angular JS development company to save both time and money. Here ‘s the list of the most noteworthy features presented by Angular JS.
    • MVC Framework: Angular JS gives a fluid Model View Control – MVC style which is very effective in nature. It is well-known that all applications are combinations of modules and every module has its own logic. The modules are individually initialized but still they interact and connect with each other. The traditional way is to develop each module individually and then connect them using a code. This, without doubt, is an extra work.

      MVC makes it simple for developers and Angular JS development company to design the client-side web app. All the separately developed modules get automatically connected using Angular JS. There is no need to write any extra code. It also permits a developer to place MVC modules separately and inevitably connects them together.

    • HTML for user interface:Angular JS development company uses Angular JS uses HTML for building the user interface. HTML is an assertive language which employs very small tags and is very easy to understand. It provides an improved, easy and well-structured UI. Compared to HTML, the JavaScript frames are complex to understand and develop; HTMLs are equipped with special characteristics. It becomes easy to define the controller of each element with these special characteristics.
    • Less coding:Angular JS development needs comparatively less coding because the separate code for MVC doesn’t need to be written. HTML is used for the user interface designing. The data binding reduces the efforts needed to shift the data by hand in the view. The app and the pragma have their own individual codes; hence these can be done in parallel.

      There’s no need to write separate code for the application in accordance with the devices on which it will be running. The same code can be used for different devices and the same code can be used on different platforms too.

    • Unit Testing:Previously the unit testing was done by building a test page and then using it to verify the behavior of a specific component. With the use of Angular JS, unit testing has become very easy. It employs Dependency injection to tie the complete application together. All the controllers depend on the dependency injection to provide the data. Thus, it can be used to inject mock or testing data in the controller to check the behavior and whether the expected output is produced.
    • Angular JS Service provider:Angular JS introduced the Service to help the controller focus on the scope and view update. The Service gives the exposure to the API to reveal the required details. It also interacts with the server to keep a check on the data flow and also performs some operations of push and pull to send and receive data from the server. A resource sharing service is allocated to the controllers to share the resources.

      Hence, we are hoping that we have succeeded in convincing you to use Node JS for your business implementations after reading the success stories of the top brands. Are you thinking about whether to hire Node JS developers? We have a better solution.

  • Top websites that are designed on Angular JS:

    • No wonder that there’s a growth in businesses seeking for Angular JS development services, even the top brands like Gmail, Walmart etc. have designed their websites on this technology. Enuke Software, a pioneering Angular JS development company can provide you with development services. More and more developers are using this technology to create next-gen front-end of web applications.
    • Gmail: Google designs high-quality reliable products and Gmail has proved to be a tough competitor for all other email services with its robust security and ‘no room for error’ functionality.

      The latest version of Gmail is a single-page app built on Angular JS and other JavaScript frameworks. This new app relies on the rich JavaScript libraries and data model which permits clicks within the browser without any interaction with the server. The developers faced challenges and overcame those building 3 different native apps for Android, iOS, and web. Google has been playing a part in maintaining Angular JS, hence they didn’t need to hire an Angular JS development company.

    • Walmart:Walmart is the biggest seller in 28 countries under 63 banners across the world. The Walmart website is also designed by an Angular JS development company offering the finest experience to the website with its clean features. This framework helped Walmart to bring value to their customer experience.
    • Netflix:Netflix is the world’s greatest internet media streaming provider with more than 11 million users. It started in 1997 and since then it grew exponentially. Isn’t it interesting that the web application of Netflix is designed on Angular JS? The web app of Netflix uses Angular JS for analyzing and observing the security of Amazon Web service with the emphasis on presenting the data with AngularDart.
    • Weather:Weather.com was introduced by The Weather Channel and American cable in 1996. This website is also created by Angular JS development company. Weather gives you the right weather forecast and updates for the whole world precisely. This is the most widely used and recommended app for the weather forecast. Angular JS was used in this website for capturing the data for its widgets.
    • The New York Times:The New York Times is one of the oldest daily newspaper in the USA launched by the New York Times company. Angular JS got its popularity when it was used to this most popular newspaper’s web app. IT was used in the web app to create a boundless data loaded API, powering the new data imagination. This gave an advantage of single page app and displaying all the information.
    • Loyaltics:Loyaltics is a marketing podium for both mobile and web application organizations to develop a long-lasting relationship with customers via their analytics. This platform is used by many big companies like eBay, Microsoft etc. The web application of Loyaltics was first based on Backbone which was then moved to the Angular JS framework. This framework helped Loyaltics to solve their UI related issues and remove unnecessary code compared to the earlier framework.

      Hence, we are hopeful that we have succeeded in pursuing you to use Angular JS for your business requirements after reading how the above-mentioned top brands are satisfied. Are you thinking about whether to contact an Angular JS development company?

  • How can Enuke Help your business grow?

    • If you are looking out for Angular JS development services, you can contact us. We have fruitfully served more than 150 clients because we excel in providing both web and mobile app solutions.
    • Handy and easy to maintain code: Being an Angular JS development company, we design the web and mobile apps using the best features of Angular JS and one of it is the reduction in code lines. This feature helps up to keep the code optimized and we follow the practice of code clean-up on a regular basis.
    • Focus on improved Data handling:Being an Angular JS development company, we have the knowledge and understanding of the Angular JS and the MVC structure. Hence, we are competent in building improved module logic and their integration.
    • Enhanced Efficiency and Management:Our solutions applied in Angular JS simplify an easy management of application that is centered around the single page application concept, being an Angular JS development company, we provide these solutions. It saves a notable amount of time while fetching data without interacting with the server.

      Since the coding for server and client side can be done in parallel, this feature helps our team to be more productive and efficiently utilize their time.

    • Cost competent business solutions:We value our customers because eventually, they are the source of our ‘bread and butter’. Hence while scheming the solutions for them, we keep in mind about their funds. We are always looking forward to providing the utmost cost-efficient solutions to our customers. And Angular JS just serves the purpose well, being an open-source tool.

      In past, we have helped our customer to knock down their implementation cost by 40 to 60 percent with our cost-saving solutions. We also offer the option to choose between hourly or fixed payment options.