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In today’s computerized world, administrative offices also tend to become paperless offices and with no more ‘piles of files’ scenario. This advancement aids the governing bodies in the disposal of the issues within a reasonable time frame with evasion of stationary use. File Tracking System is a step in the direction of realizing the concept of paperless office.

The solution is a simulation of physical files into the electronic form. This enables fast retrieval and makes file movement & file tracking painless. Longevity of the electronic form solves the problem of material loss.

It has a built-in dynamic workflow management system that capable of handling any organization’s hierarchy.

Please check functions:-

  • File Tracking System
  • Track File
  • Search by File No./Subject
  • Search by UO No./UO
  • Department Wise Files
  • Managing data
  • File Disposal Report
  • Comprehensive Search Facilities
  • Full transaction Reporting
  • Password Security
  • Hierarchy
  • Unlimited Users
  • Networkable
  • Transparent
  • Secure

Blockchain technology shows promise for those government bodies that are looking for better ways to manage and protect trusted information. It offers an enticing path toward more efficient operations, more responsive service, and enhanced data security.

Office Whizz is also based on Blockchain technology.