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Angular JS Development Company

Best-in-class AngularJS Application Development with Open Source Framework.

  1. Achieved a milestone of working with 150 + clients.
  2. 5 + years of experience in AngularJS application development.
  3. 200 + proficient AngularJS developers and programmers.
  4. AngularJS solutions are meant for startups and small, medium and large scale business enterprises.
  5. Complete customer satisfaction with quality services.
  6. Flexibility in the choice between Fixed Cost and Hourly models for engagement.

Angular JS Development Company

Enuke offers reliable AngularJS application development services – right from the app idea to the final product. At the same time the expert team at Enuke keeps you constantly informed about the various stages of development of the web or mobile application development – providing comprehensive roadmaps.
We understand that AngularJS acts as a booster for HTML. So, if you want to bring about an enhancement in HTML, then a dash of AngularJS is all that is needed. We ensure to build scalable web and mobile apps with sophisticated features – to cater to your complex business requirements.
Robust application development and speed of development are the reasons why AngularJS is the most preferred among the developers. Moreover, the user-friendly interfaces of the AngularJS application is a must-have feature that propels the user – to achieve business gains.
With the increasing demand for web and mobile applications, Enuke acts as an Angular JS Development Company, that has a complete control on the final product – with easy adaptability and compliance with JS markups. Furthermore, our team of adept developers uses the best practices of application development like agile methodologies and high-tech solutions.
Finally, the developers employ easy-to-read coding as well as clean coding standards. We make sure to use the extensibility feature of AngularJS – to write clean codes without any boilerplates. This in turn delivers a meticulously crafted solution that gets your complete peace of mind – by fetching the maximum ROI.

Our AngularJS Development Services


AngularJS Web Application Development

The developers at Enuke opt for the open source framework of AngularJS to build components for client-side-model-view-controller and next generation web applications. Moreover, It simplifies the development and testing of applications.


AngularJS Customization

AngularJS Customization services will enable to customize the look and feel of your website – according to the requirements of the clients.


AngularJS UI/UX Development

You can revolutionize UI/UX development by using AngularJS to build highly engaging user experiences and excellent user interfaces.

Our AngularJS Application Development Process

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Why Choose Us?



The developers at Enuke build scalable applications as the code is easy to write. Other useful features are two-way data binding, custom widgets, dependency injections and reusable HTML components. Our developers know that the process of app development is accelerated by MVC and MVVM design pattern with AngularJS.



The developers at Enuke make use of AngularJS to create single-page applications. This is more flexible than using HTML. They can create websites for you at a much faster rate – due to simplified development and testing.



The developers also utilize the feature of extensibility – the ability to work with various libraries. The exact needs of your application can be fully met – by workflow customization.




AngularJS provides the developers with a high level of abstraction – to simplify their work. Moreover, AngularJS enables you to handle the client side and the server side models with equal ease. Furthermore, the work of UI designers become equally simple – without any issues caused by DOM and jQuery calls.


Faster Development

In order to quickly churn out a scalable AngularJS application – all that needs to be done by you is to add some features while polishing the HTML code.


Two-way Data Binding

AngularJS is supportive of faster and easier way of data binding called as two-way data binding – where changes made to the view is automatically reflected in the model.


Highly Testable Websites

AngularJS builds highly testable websites as well as applications. It enables your applications ready with end-to-end unit testing. It has scenario runner and unit testing API – that enables testing under real-time conditions.


Responsive User Experience

It is the end-user experience that matters the most for any application development. AngularJS builds smooth and continuously navigating websites and apps – which are fast-loading and responsive.


Higher Performance

Higher performance of applications are possible with AngularJS as it uses the Model-View-View and Model-View-Controller architecture patterns.

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Client Testimonials

We love to hear what our happy customers have to say about our services.


Enuke has performed amazing feats in the development of the eBroselow system. It is the most exceptional team I have ever worked with. Besides high quality code, they have shown superb communication skills – both in general and also in the English language. Furthermore, they have shown tremendous patience both in solving complex problems and in dealing with me as as customer :). I’d be happy to give a more-detailed reference to anyone who asks.

Peter Lazar
eBroselow, LLC (USA)

I hired Manu and his team at Enuke to work on some web development work for Bottlenotes. They were among several contractors that we were testing out, and they quickly established themselves at the top of the pack. What impressed me most about them is that I’m able to give them fairly loose, high level instructions, and they look at the broader technical implications that as a non-technical person I may not have considered. In short, they think a step ahead.

Andy Anderson
Bottlenotes (USA)