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Taxi Booking App Development Company

Life is like a Taxi. The meter just keep ticking whether you are somewhere or stand still. So, enjoy instant Taxi Booking through application developed by Enuke.

Taxi Booking App Development Company

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Taxi Booking App Development Company making process of Taxi Booking easy, comfortable and much convenient for taxi business owners, passengers and drivers by developing unmatched Taxi Booking Apps for all the platforms – Web, Android, iOS, and Windows.

There’s no doubt that conventional taxi services are impacted more by Smartphones and mobility than any other possible thing in last few years. With the advent of smartphones, came smart Taxi Booking Mobile Apps which make riding in a taxi a lot easier and convenient.

Taxi Booking App helps a taxi business owners or admins to keep a thorough check on their business with ease and no manual effort.

By getting a Taxi Booking App developed from a good Taxi Booking App Development Company, a taxi business can make their and their customers’ taxi booking experience much easier while expanding their client base.

What is required for Taxi Booking App Development?

A Taxi Booking App consists of three consoles, one for Business Admin, one for drivers and one for passengers.

  • Admin Console – to manage and track whatever is going on the taxi network, to add/remove drivers, to contact drivers, to receive and make payments (manual or automatic), to create and share reports, etc.
  • Driver Console – to get passengers, to receive payments from both passengers and business, to find exact routes, to calculate costing, etc.
  • Passenger Console – to book taxi, to track taxi, to share taxi and driver details with family and friends, to share route and location details with family and friends, etc.

While developing a Taxi Booking App, a Taxi Booking App Development Company keeps in mind all the aspects like integrating driver management system, asset i.e. taxi management system, driver mapping, driver payment management system, sales management, passenger management, etc.

Why Enuke Software for Taxi Booking App Development?

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd helps you personalize your Taxi Business considering your business requirements and creating a custom app designed specifically to fit your business processes and meet other business obligations. That makes us a prominent Taxi Booking App Development Company.

The apps developed by us not only have fluid UI and good usability, but also have robust back-end architecture which can support multiple workflows at the same time.

We also understand two important aspects of App Development – Best Pricing and Timely Delivery – while keeping in mind all kinds of constraints for every kind of organization, without hampering with the quality of the product.

Being a prominent Taxi Booking App Development Company, we have hands on experience in developing a variety of Taxi Booking Apps and Car Rental Apps. We have a vast team of designers and developers which is dedicated specifically for development in Travel and Commuting Domain.

Before getting down to implement an idea into an app, our technical team puts on in-depth and thorough technical research and come up with the most efficient way while avoiding excessive battery drainage and all other hassles.

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