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Blockchain Technology – Reincarnation Of Trust in Digital Platforms

Blockchain is the future of trust in this digital age as it fosters transparency, decentralization and immutability.


Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that stores transactions in cryptocurrency in a secure, transparent and trustless manner that can’t be altered without altering all subsequent blocks.

Blockchain is ushering in a new era – that of end-to-end transparency. Consequently, a multitude of our clients are making a beeline to embrace the technology to obtain a cryptographically secure and transparent system. Blockchain is quite useful to share information among the participants of the nodal-network, at a rapid pace. This is why we, as a blockchain application development company, help every industry explore a million possibilities in this space.



Our technology evangelists will guide you with developing and testing of a unique Blockchain application,
as per your business requirements. This enables you to stay ahead of competitors in this complex world.


We endeavor to resolve real-life challenges with our innovative Blockchain solutions. Following are some of the domains where we work

Banking and Finance
  • Both banks and financial services save a considerable amount due to the elimination of intermediaries in Blockchain. They enhance the safety and security of cross-border as well as domestic payments.
  • The banks have an efficient compliance process and establish a better relationship with the financial regulators- through the KYC processes and compliance platforms along with the Blockchain technology.
  • Banks are prone to cyberattacks for their centralized databases. New secure systems on Blockchain technology reduce such frauds.
  • Blockchain ensures traceable and transparent transactions – that creates improved loyalty programs.
  • Reduced costs with no middlemen
  • Freedom to innovate anything on top of Blockchain technology
  • Seamless and secure cryptocurrency transactions
IoT & Big Data
  • Smart Contracts improves compliance and enhance cost-efficiency – as they are supportive of specific IoT processes
  • Builds trust by reducing tampering.
  • Reduces cost due to the elimination of intermediaries – on both IoT and Big Data.
  • Blockchain comes with high-end security and helps in IoT security.
Supply Chain
  • Reduces fraudulent activities.
  • Blockchain automates traceability.
  • Exchange of confidential business documents such as Letter of Credit.
  • Automated execution of payments with Smart Contracts.
  • Less occurence of fraudulent cases.
  • More user-friendly loyalty schemes with instant redemption of loyalty bonuses.
  • A better way of tracking baggage.
  • E-ticketing – based on the idea of Tokenization
  • Privacy of Passenger’s data to avoid any misuse
  • Dependency on automation for reliable business tasks in Blockchain.
  • Hyper-personalized and customer-controlled loyalty programs.
  • Increase brand awareness by sharing rewards between users.
  • Ensure strategic insights for personalized reward programs.
  • Proof of provenance and authenticity of products.
  • Assure proof of product purity to bring a change in customer attitude for specialized food sources.
  • Provides Proof-of-existence of any document.
  • Patient-data management through the accessibility of personal records.
  • A smart contract – that states the condition of data access on the blockchain.
  • Blockchain enables to store healthcare records throughout the entire span of your work, from childhood to old age. This not only improves the quality of care delivered but also reduces errors.


The experts at Enuke pride themselves with the wide spectrum of blockchain services they offer to the clients, leveraging Blockchain to its full potential.

Blockchain Development

Our team of expert developers has the ability to deliver robust and secure permissioned blockchain applications – right from frontend development up to the designing majestic User Interfaces(UI).

Smart Contract Development

Being the top blockchain application development company we deliver customized smart contract solutions based on the Ethereum platform for you to stay ahead of the curve.

Crypto Exchange Development

Our elite developers are astute in crypto exchange development that facilitates the seamless and secure exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Wallet Development & Integration

We not only develop smart and secure cryptocurrency wallets but also integrate the wallets with your exchange platform. We ensure our services are in compliance with industry regulations.

Blockchain Consulting

We provide valuable insights on Blockchain applications and benefits that can be drawn from our Blockchain services. Our advisory and consulting services render innovative solutions for our global clients.

Decentralized App Development

Our adroit team of developers handle the complete process of Decentralized Application Development from ideation to launch ensuring high security.

Fraud Prevention with Our Smart E-Ticketing System

A major event is about to happen and fraudulent ticket booking is bothering you? Keeping this in mind, we at Enuke Software have designed an E-Ticketing Blockchain-based solution – secure, fair and transparent, for fraud prevention. This case study will narrate you that story.

Why Does Every Business Need Blockchain?

Blockchain contains endless opportunities and immense potential which is yet to be explored. Industries are leveraging the key benefits of blockchain technology radically transforming the way they function.


Greater Transparency

Blockchain technology being a decentralized system enhances transparency as it can’t be controlled by one person or a group. It’s a public ledger that requires consensus for any updates.


Increased Security

Blockchain facilitates advanced security with encrypted transactions that are linked to previous transactions making it impossible to tamper any data.



With a transparent record of every transaction, auditing becomes an easy process.


Reduced Costs

The disruptive technology efficiently eliminates third parties and middlemen, thereby reducing transaction costs significantly.



Blockchain enables tracking of transactions or information making it impossible to hide the origin and movement of products in the supply chain.


Enhanced Efficiency

Eliminating paperwork and human errors in traditional processes, blockchain enhances efficiency and speed by automating processes.

Clients That Realized The Potential Of Blockchain

Blockchain Platforms & Technology Stack



Diving Into The Ocean of Blockchain Technology!

Your blockchain application can be developed on various platforms, however, the best development platforms are Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple, Multichain and Quorum. A blockchain application development company that fosters an experienced team of developers can help you choose the right platform that is the best fit for your project.

When it comes to investing in the right blockchain application development company, a few parameters should be looked at. The top companies that provide blockchain application development are those that have a good client portfolio, offer a wide range of services, great client reviews, and reviews from Clutch and Good Firms.

Essentially, what one pays for are the servers to run the blockchain and not necessarily the platform itself. For instance, Quorum is a permissioned private blockchain which is an open source platform and free for anyone to use.Similarly, mostly all blockchain development platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Microsoft’s Azure, Multichain are free.

Finding a company that can transform your idea into a blockchain application you desire, may be a difficult process. It is best to do your research before selecting a company and consult blockchain experts as well. Some factors you should consider before closing down on a blockchain application development company are, client retention rate, client portfolio, years of experience, and projects delivered.

Programmers either use the traditional programming languages such as C++, Java, and Python or languages specific to blockchain such as Solidity and Simplicity. While simplicity is a simple language designed for smart contracts, solidity is a high-lever, contract-based language with a script similar to that of Java, designed for Ethereum Virtual Machine.

The advent of blockchain technology has brought in numerous benefits for every industry. From avoiding double spending to frauds, reducing costs and transaction time, blockchain-based ledgers have transformed industries. Now, governing transactions in banks, tracking supply chains or securing crowdfunding has become streamlined due to the decentralized blockchain-based ledgers.

Smart contracts enable secure, traceable and irreversible transactions without the involvement of third parties. In the process, transaction costs related to contracting are significantly reduced. Smart contract development for businesses is essential to expedite and automate business processes ensuring the security of data.

Blockchain developers used a variety of tools to develop a blockchain application, some of which are, Remix IDE, Truffle Framework, Solc, Solium, Geth, Embark, Ganache, EtherScripter, Blockchain as a Service BaaS), Mist, Blockchain Testnet, and Metamask. These tools ease the blockchain application development process significantly and are used widely.

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