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Why RPA Is Important For Your Enterprise?

Robotic Process Automation is the next big thing that is bringing digital transformation.

The Robotic Process Automation Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.14% and reach USD 2,467 million by 2022. The demand for automation in business processes has been increasing due to the benefits it offers.

Integrating the RPA technology in your daily routine, rule-based tasks and operations automates tasks that are time-consuming, repetitive, and high in volume. RPA imitates humans to perform administrative and transactional tasks. RPA automation is time and cost-efficient, requires minimal investment, doesn’t disrupt underlying systems, adapts to changing business environments, and highly scalable.

RPA is the only solution for the enterprises of today.

Our robotic process automation services will help your business processes achieve accuracy, efficiency and increased ROI.

Where can the Robotic Process Automation be Applied?

Application of RPA in day-to-day business operations not only enhances customer satisfaction but also reduces the workload of employees from repetitive tasks, brings transparency and quality in the work process, and enables faster reporting.

Desktop Automation

Your desktop can be automated with a rule-based custom automation software that automates tasks through a presentation layer automation without coding or changing the underlying application.

Recorder Automation

Through recorder automation, keyboard and mouse actions are recorded to automate tasks, data entry on web forms in automated, and data extraction is automated for recording detailed sequences.

Web Scraping Automation

Web scraping automation enables data extraction, form filling, screen scraping, website testing, report generation, and data transfer between applications.

GUI Automation

RPA automation enables automating GUI for automated testing, data entry, screen scraping, content migration, and app integration.

Excel Automation

Integrating and migrating data with databases and applications is streamlined with Excel automation. This RPA application brings accuracy, efficiency, and productivity in the business.

Extraction Technology

Data extraction from a document, populating a database with data such as invoice number, account number, name, date, totals, etc, is automated with our extraction technology algorithms.

Screen Scraping Automation

Screen scraping automation facilitates communication between all kinds of modern apps and legacy apps without an API with 100% accuracy.

Mainframe Automation

Mainframe Automation allows integration architectures and applications to mainframes, and configure mainframes to respond to new demands.

What Are The Key Benefits of RPA?

Processes performed by human users are prone to errors, inefficient, costly, time-consuming, and lead to employee demotivation and dissatisfaction. This is where RPA steps in to handle the inefficiencies of manual processes.

How Robotic Process Automation works?

The RPA software is capable of emulating many actions of an employee such as login, opening files, copy-pasting, inputting data, filling forms, moving files in an automated way. The RPA bots use integrations and screen scraping to interact with systems. It performs the following functions and more.

  • RPA bot launches and uses different applications
  • It integrates with the enterprise tools
  • Augments data through data scraping from the web
  • Follows logical if/then rules
  • Extracting and merging data
  • Makes calculations
  • Opens emails and attachments
  • Reads and writes to databases

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Our RPA Bot Simplified and Expedited the Insurance Claim Process

Settling insurance claims in healthcare is a complex, repetitive, and tiring process. We helped our client, one of the top insurance companies, to simplify and expedite this process through automation. Our case study details the story.

Tools & Methods

  • UiPath
  • Pega
  • Blue-Prism
  • Automationedge
  • Automation-Anywhere
  • Work Fusion

Why Trust Enuke With RPA Adoption?

Our Robotic Process Automation development experts build smart bots with cognitive capabilities that automate your operational tasks to give you a competitive advantage. We deliver robotic process automation services with the success of your business as the primary objective. We provide:

  • Custom RPA development services
  • Robotic process automation consulting
  • AI and ML services and solutions
  • Scalable RPA solutions for enterprises
  • Dedicated support and maintenance
  • Cost-effective and high ROI services

An RPA bot never makes mistakes, and neither should you. We are just a call away to help you leverage the potential of robots in your organizational processes.