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How Do We Apply RPA in Different Business Processes?

We apply RPA in day-to-day business operations which enhances customer satisfaction, reduces the workload of employees from repetitive tasks, brings transparency and quality in the work process, and enables faster reporting.


Desktop Automation

We automate your rule-based desktop tasks by developing a custom automation software through a presentation layer automation without coding or changing the underlying application.


Recorder Automation

By developing recorder automation, keyboard and mouse actions are recorded to automate tasks, data entry on web forms is automated, and data extraction is automated for recording detailed sequences.


Web Scraping Automation

Our web scraping automation enables data extraction, form filling, screen scraping, website testing, report generation, and data transfer between applications.


GUI Automation

RPA automation enables us to automate GUI for automated testing, data entry, screen scraping, content migration, and app integration.


Excel Automation

Integrating and migrating data with databases and applications is streamlined with Excel automation. This RPA application brings accuracy, efficiency, and productivity in the business.


Extraction Technology

Data extraction from a document, populating a database with data such as invoice number, account number, name, date, totals, etc, is automated with our extraction technology algorithms.


Screen Scraping Automation

Our screen scraping automation facilitates communication between all kinds of modern apps and legacy apps without an API with 100% accuracy.


Mainframe Automation

Our mainframe automation allows integration of architectures and applications to mainframes, and configures mainframes to respond to new demands.

Our RPA Success Stories


Our RPA Bot Simplified Health Insurance Claim Approval Process

Claim approval/rejection process for health insurance companies is a tedious and repetitive task that is prone to manual errors. We developed an Automation Anywhere Bot that automatically performs all functions from fetching emails to sending emails of approval/rejection of the claim to the policy holder or hospital. Read our case study for a detailed story.


Our UIPath Bot Automated the Loan Approval Process For A Leading Financial Firm

The loan approval process requires employees to verify data, analyze credit scores and validate PAN number. Our UIPath Bot automated this process for one of the leading financial firms. It automatically verifies data against documents uploaded, fetches credit score from multiple credit agency sites, and validates PAN number on the income tax website. Read our case study for a detailed view of how our UIPath Bot works.


Our UIPath Bot Automated Tax Returns For An Indian Airline

Filing income tax returns is a lengthy process that consumes a lot of valuable time. We developed a UIPath Bot for an Indian airline. The Bot easily prepared an excel file for the monthly GST returns in the format prescribed by the tax department, using an excel file, invoices, and Airline’s backend portal. Read the whole case study to understand the in-depth functioning of the bot.

RPA is the only solution for the enterprises of today.

Our robotic process automation development will help your business processes achieve accuracy, efficiency and increased ROI.

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How We Scale Your Business With RPA?

Processes performed by human users are prone to errors, inefficient, costly, time-consuming, and lead to employee demotivation and dissatisfaction. This is where we step in with our RPA development services to handle the inefficiencies of manual processes.


Why Trust Enuke With RPA Adoption?

Our Robotic Process Automation development experts build smart bots with cognitive capabilities that automate your operational tasks to give you a competitive advantage. We deliver robotic process automation services with the success of your business as the primary objective. We provide:

  • Custom RPA development services
  • Robotic process automation Development
  • AI and ML services and solutions
  • Scalable RPA solutions for enterprises
  • Dedicated support and maintenance
  • Cost-effective and high ROI services

An RPA bot never makes mistakes, and neither should you. We are just a call away to help you leverage the potential of robots in your organizational processes.