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Connecting You With Your Devices Through IoT

We bring adroitness in IoT app development that helps you inter-connect your devices using the best of technology. By interrelating computer devices, objects & people, IoT has the ability to take over a network efficiently.

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Do You Want To Harness The Power Of IoT?

Internet of Things provides the means to bridge the gap between human beings and devices. It is transforming every aspect of life, wirelessly connecting everyone and everything.


The global IoT market is expected to experience a massive surge reaching $1.6 Trillion by 2025. The installations of IoT connected devices is projected to reach 75.44 billion by 2025.

We offer integrated IoT solutions for industry and business applications. We are a prominent IoT app development company that offers you the most sophisticated business solutions. We put together an incomparable IoT platform that helps to utilize technology with the physical object in the most supreme way possible.

IoT App Development Services

Diversity in Technology is what our IoT developers at Enuke offer your business. They are astute in leveraging the latest technology and integrating it with your daily life with our IoT app development services.


App Development

We understand your business needs and craft brilliant IoT mobile apps using the latest tools and technologies.


Consultancy Services

We provide the best consultancy services in relation to your IoT app development needs.


Connectivity Solutions

We offer ‘beyond just development’ services by connecting wearables with IoT through our connectivity development solutions.


Support & Maintenance

We put your IoT apps under a rigorous testing phase to free it from bugs and offer support and maintenance after the launch.

What Industries We Cater To WIth IoT Solutions?

Our contribution to different industries through our IoT solutions has helped our clients in scaling up their businesses in terms of revenue, productivity and efficiency.


Automobile Industry

When you connect to the IoT, a car’s data can be turned in actionable insight. A new ecosystem through IoT makes it possible for a fully autonomous driving environment such as self-parking system, heads-up displays, voice recognition and so on.


Transportation & Logistics

Voice authorization, data security, edge computing, etc are some of the reasons why IoT is needed in sectors such as transportation and logistics. IoT solutions ensure compliance and traffic reduction which are also the main motives of IoT solutions.



IoT has totally changed the technical aspect of healthcare by giving them the ability to provide faster diagnosis and care. With IoT in sync, a doctor can read real-time ECG of a patient from anywhere. Similarly, emergency medical diagnosis can be seen as a success through IoT.


Electricity Energy

Modernizing the entire electrical grid using IoT means highly efficient connectivity. Security and reliability are two major factors that rule the power industry. Through IoT, many challenges can be overcome with ease.

Why Trust Enuke To Evolve With IoT?

Enuke, being one of the leaders of mobile application development, adopts the latest technology in building apps by putting together IoT data with computing. We ensure that every business can easily extract valuable insights that help to improve business efficiency drastically and at the same time connect with the physical world of devices at ease.

Our company provides a multidisciplinary team of highly proficient experts who build applications using IoT technology. Through various sensing technologies, communication technologies, internet protocol, embedded devices, Enuke helps you build an application worth an investment.


Our Clients’ Success Stories

We have proudly served 180+ clients and have transformed their vision into reality.


Our customers love the mobile apps we had created by Enuke. Enuke took the time to understand our requirement fully and our industry to know how the apps need to perform, and we are thankful to Enuke for this.


Jeffrey Kolar, Relypos (USA)


For us ENuke stands for excellence – we are so pleased with every aspect of working with them! Their team delivered the highest of quality and expertise with excellent communications and lightning fast response. A
pleasure to work with, the ENuke team is a top-notch provider. We definitely plan to use them for future projects! A++.


Tom Griffin, IGY Marinas (USA)


An excellent company to work with from start to finish. The site I needed them to create was complex and they exceeded all of my expectations with the finished product. I already have plans on the next phase that
will include ENuke Technology again. I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering starting a project.


Brad Robertson, Bizavo (USA)


Connecting you with deeper insights on IoT App Development

The development cost of an IoT app depends upon the features and functionalities of the app. Therefore, a basic functionality IoT app development solution with minimal features will cost less than one with high complex functionality and more advanced features. The other development cost factors also include the location of developers and the reputation of the app development company.

IoT has a lot to offer to every business and the features of an IoT app offer the benefits of efficient communication, real-time access to data, remote monitoring, increased productivity, reduced risks and enhanced efficiency of the overall business. Leveraging the potential of IoT a business can scale up substantially.

Enuke Software is a leading IoT app development company that knows no boundaries in providing what “beyond just development” services. It has over 8 years of experience in the industry and has developed over 200 iOS applications for over 180 clients. The company offers sustainability, accountability, and trust embedded in its services.

The first and foremost step to start IoT app development is to come up with an idea and a unique value proposition. The next step is to hire the right IoT app development company to entrust the development process of your IoT app project.

IoT platforms are transforming industries by offering business insights in real-time, storing data on the cloud, and integrating emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning. Some of the best IoT platforms are Azure by Microsoft, SAP IoT Cloud Platform, Watson by IBM, Amazon Web services, Universal IoT by HPE, etc.

IoT has found a significant place in various industries such as healthcare, retail, banking & insurance, automobiles, wearables, smart homes & buildings, etc. It has completely revolutionized numerous industries reducing costs and increasing revenues.

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