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Node.JS Development Company

Enuke provides with data-intensive, real-time Node.js applications.

  1. 7+ years of experience in design and development of Node.js applications.
  2. Enuke has a team of 30 + full-stack developers.
  3. 100 + Node.js programmers and developers.
  4. Node.js development services are applicable for the startups and small to large enterprises.
  5. Option to Choose Between Fixed Cost and Hourly Engagement for the projects.

Node.JS Development Services

We at Enuke is at the business of delivering fast and reliable applications with Node.js. Node.js is an open-source, runtime, cross-platform that serves the purpose of – execution of the Javascript code on the server side. It is through the runtime environment that the developers can successfully interpret the applications at a more friendly way.
We build some of the infinitely scalable, real-time applications with our Node.js development services – with the event driven Javascript run-time environment. Moreover, we utilize the power of Node.js, while developing a web application development- to unify around a single programming language – rather than relying on different languages for writing server side Java scripts.
The team of versatile developers at Enuke is all set to achieve the business goals with their Node.js development services. The highly adept developers at Enuke have in-depth knowledge in Javascript and Javascript libraries and are equally proficient in agile methodologies – to render client and server side applications based on Node.js – aligned to meet all of your business objectives.
We are committed to build a long-term partnership with our clients – rendering services that cover the entire range from development to implementation. So, if you are looking for the finest Node.js applications then you must get connected with us.

Our Node.js Development Services


Custom Node.js Applications

You must hire our Node.js developers to develop the custom solutions for your various business modules. We deliver accomplished applications that meet the diversified needs of our client’s business.


Real-time Applications with Node.js

We make use of the Web Sockets in Node.js development that enables us to build 2-way communication between the server and the client – essential for real-time applications such as Chat Engine and Games.


Node.js Applications for Ecommerce

We utilize node.js as a technology for developing Ecommerce solutions. This is because node.js is one of those technologies that builds back-end solutions – to achieve amazing performance levels.


Back-end and CMS Solutions

We develop powerful new generation content management tools – for empowerment of applications. We create back-end system for data management with Node.js – to keep the web applications relevant and updated, as per the client requirements.


Node.js Mobile App Services

We use node.js for mobile app development because it has the fastest growing ecosystem with huge number of free Javascript modules. The front-end developers can write server-side coding by using Javascript. This enables to build apps faster and more efficiently.


Social Media Applications

We build web-based solutions for social networks and CRM with our node.js development services.

Our Node.js Development Process

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Why Choose Us?


Simplified Real-time Web Applications

Enuke will enable you to build real-time applications with the node.js development services. We make use of the concept of web sockets, while developing node.js applications. This will help to regulate the performance of applications – that suffers from a surge in traffic. Moreover, it is possible to support some Cloud platforms with node.js applications.



Node.js can scale effortlessly when compared with PHP – due to its module based system. Our node.js applications can handle huge spikes of data, with enhanced efficiency and lower costs – without the need for additional servers. We build node.js applications with the ability to handle higher traffic volumes


Better Data Handling

We understand that Node.js is compatible with UNIX, OS X and Windows servers. This enables to not only handle the Big Data revolution but also builds scalable data exchanges. Faster is the data, new solutions need to be formed without any bottlenecks. Moreover, the link between data retrieval and data storage must be fast and fluid. We drive towards creating more efficient back-end with our node.js applications.



Faster Applications

Node.js development is agile due to JavaScript usage at the backend. We ensure faster performance of node.js application as it runs on Google V8 JavaScript engines – to ensure that the I/O operations are run by direct assembly of libraries. Moreover the prototyping of the applications is simplified with Node.js.


Easy Management

Our node.js applications allow easy management of I/O based applications. Moreover, it saves time as it becomes easy to transcode media files, while uploading.


Improved Productivity

Node.js helps to bring about an improvement in productivity. This is due to the time saved between the lines and assemblage of – both frontend and backend processes. This in turn reduces the need for more employees.

Technologies and Tools

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  • Linux


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Our Happy Clients

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Client Testimonials

We love to hear what our happy customers have to say about our services.


Enuke has performed amazing feats in the development of the eBroselow system. It is the most exceptional team I have ever worked with. Besides high quality code, they have shown superb communication skills – both in general and also in the English language. Furthermore, they have shown tremendous patience both in solving complex problems and in dealing with me as as customer :). I’d be happy to give a more-detailed reference to anyone who asks.

Peter Lazar
eBroselow, LLC (USA)

I hired Manu and his team at Enuke to work on some web development work for Bottlenotes. They were among several contractors that we were testing out, and they quickly established themselves at the top of the pack. What impressed me most about them is that I’m able to give them fairly loose, high level instructions, and they look at the broader technical implications that as a non-technical person I may not have considered. In short, they think a step ahead.

Andy Anderson
Bottlenotes (USA)