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Node JS Development Company

Enuke provides with data-intensive, real-time Node JS applications.

  1. 7+ years of experience in design and development of Node JS applications.
  2. Enuke has a team of 30 + full-stack developers.
  3. 100 + Node JS programmers and developers.
  4. Node JS development services are applicable for the startups and small to large enterprises.
  5. Option to Choose Between Fixed Cost and Hourly Engagement for the projects.

Node JS Development Services

We at Enuke is at the business of delivering fast and reliable applications with Node JS. Node JS is an open-source, runtime, cross-platform that serves the purpose of – execution of the Javascript code on the server side. It is through the runtime environment that the developers can successfully interpret the applications at a more friendly way.
We build some of the infinitely scalable, real-time applications in our Node JS Development Company – with the event-driven Javascript run-time environment. Moreover, we utilize the power of Node JS, while developing a web application development- to unify around a single programming language – rather than relying on different languages for writing server-side Java scripts.
The team of versatile developers at Enuke is all set to achieve the business goals with their Node JS development services. The highly adept developers at Enuke have in-depth knowledge in Javascript and Javascript libraries and are equally proficient in agile methodologies – to render client and server side applications based on Node JS – aligned to meet all of your business objectives.
We are committed to build a long-term partnership with our clients – rendering services that cover the entire range from development to implementation. So, if you are looking for the finest Node JS Development Company then you must get connected with us.

Our Node JS Development Services


Custom Node JS Applications

You must hire our Node JS developers to develop the custom solutions for your various business modules. We deliver accomplished applications that meet the diversified needs of our client’s business.


Real-time Applications with Node JS

We make use of the Web Sockets in Node JS development that enables us to build 2-way communication between the server and the client – essential for real-time applications such as Chat Engine and Games.


Node JS Applications for Ecommerce

We utilize node js as a technology for developing E-commerce solutions. This is because node js is one of those technologies that build back-end solutions – to achieve amazing performance levels.


Back-end and CMS Solutions

We develop powerful new generation content management tools – for the empowerment of applications. We create back-end system for data management with Node JS – to keep the web applications relevant and updated, as per the client requirements.


Node JS Mobile App Services

We use node js for mobile app development because it has the fastest growing ecosystem with huge number of free Javascript modules. The front-end developers can write server-side coding by using Javascript. This enables to build apps faster and more efficiently.


Social Media Applications

We build web-based solutions for social networks and CRM in our Node JS development company.

Our Node JS Development Process

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Why Choose Us?


Simplified Real-time Web Applications

Enuke will enable you to build real-time applications with the node js development services. We make use of the concept of web sockets, while developing node js applications. This will help to regulate the performance of applications – that suffers from a surge in traffic. Moreover, it is possible to support some Cloud platforms with node js applications.



Node JS can scale effortlessly when compared with PHP – due to its module based system. Our node js applications can handle huge spikes of data, with enhanced efficiency and lower costs – without the need for additional servers. We build node js applications with the ability to handle higher traffic volumes


Better Data Handling

We understand that Node JS is compatible with UNIX, OS X and Windows servers. This enables to not only handle the Big Data revolution but also builds scalable data exchanges. Faster is the data, new solutions need to be formed without any bottlenecks. Moreover, the link between data retrieval and data storage must be fast and fluid. We drive towards creating more efficient back-end with our node js applications.



Faster Applications

Node JS development is agile due to JavaScript usage at the backend. We ensure faster performance of node js application as it runs on Google V8 JavaScript engines – to ensure that the I/O operations are run by direct assembly of libraries. Moreover the prototyping of the applications is simplified with Node JS.


Easy Management

Our Node JS development company create apps that allow easy management of I/O based applications. Moreover, it saves time as it becomes easy to transcode media files, while uploading.


Improved Productivity

Node JS helps to bring about an improvement in productivity. This is due to the time saved between the lines and assemblage of – both frontend and backend processes. This in turn reduces the need for more employees.

Technologies and Tools

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  • Linux


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Our Happy Clients

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Client Testimonials

We love to hear what our happy customers have to say about our services.


Enuke has performed amazing feats in the development of the eBroselow system. It is the most exceptional team I have ever worked with. Besides high quality code, they have shown superb communication skills – both in general and also in the English language. Furthermore, they have shown tremendous patience both in solving complex problems and in dealing with me as as customer :). I’d be happy to give a more-detailed reference to anyone who asks.

Peter Lazar
eBroselow, LLC (USA)

I hired Manu and his team at Enuke to work on some web development work for Bottlenotes. They were among several contractors that we were testing out, and they quickly established themselves at the top of the pack. What impressed me most about them is that I’m able to give them fairly loose, high level instructions, and they look at the broader technical implications that as a non-technical person I may not have considered. In short, they think a step ahead.

Andy Anderson
Bottlenotes (USA)

There’s a big hype around Node JS development company and right from the big players till startups, everyone has started offering their services in this domain. And not to be left at the altar, Enuke also offers business solutions using this technology. In fact, we have been offering Node JS development services for the past decade and we feel proud of the expertise that our team possesses. Companies, who do not have the expertise in this technology, tend to do contract with a Node JS development company.

We were able to efficiently evolve our business because our company, Enuke, is driven by the thirst for technology and modernization. We simplify a smooth transformation of enterprises to achieve their business objectives and attain value. We also aid enterprises with our next-gen solutions to help them turn their roadblocks into the best prospects. We have our offices located both in India- Gurugram and USA – New York.

From our customer’s perspective and testimonials, Enuke is an exceptional Node JS development company. We have designed and deployed the solution designed in Node JS. We make a distinction in developing web and mobile apps for different industry verticals. Recently, we also started venturing out in IoT and Blockchain, and are providing products and services in these as well.

  • What is Node JS?

    • Node JS was invented by Ryan Dahl in 2009 and it is an open-source JavaScript Run-Time Environment. It runs the JavaScript code outside a browser and is a cross-platform tool. Throughout history, JavaScript was mainly used for client-side coding and the scripts written in JavaScript are inserted in a web page’s HTML and executed on the client-side by a JavaScript tool in the client’s surfing browser.
    • Node JS (node.js) allows developers to make use of JavaScript to write the server-side script and run this script to make dynamic web page structure before the page is directed to the client’s web browser; it also lets developers create command line tools. As a result, Node JS illustrates a “JavaScript everywhere” model, combining web application development in a single programming platform, rather than applying two different platforms for client-side and server-side development.
    • Although the extension ‘.js’ is for JavaScript files, the name ‘node.js’ doesn’t refer to a specific file but simply, is a name of the platform. The framework of Node JS is event-driven subjected to asynchronous I/O. Such designs focus on optimizing productivity and flexibility in web applications with multiple input/output functions. In short, Node JS excels in developing real-time web app solutions applying push technology compared to web sockets.
    • The innovative factor is that after 20 years, we have web applications with actual-time, two-sided communications, where communication can be initiated from the client and the server. This is quite the reverse of the standard web response model, where the communication was always introduced by the client. Due to such advantages of Node JS, there has been a hike in the ‘hire of Node JS developers’.
  • How Node JS Works?

    • The key idea of Node JS is to use non-stop, an event directed input/output to remain insignificant and effectual despite data exhaustive and real-time applications that operate over distributed systems.Node JS development company is a game changer in 2018 by using advance technology.
    • What it means is that Node JS is not a game changer new platform that will govern the web development field. Instead, it’s a platform that satisfies a particular requirement. And considering this is extremely crucial. No one will attempt to use Node JS for CPU-related functions; in reality, implementing it for substantial computations will dissolve almost all of its rewards. Where Node JS really excels is in creating dissolute, flexible network applications, because it’s able to handle many concurrent connections with high output, which matches the high scalability.Node JS development company is the right choice if you are looking for efficient and fast app.
    • How it functions under-the-hood is quite fascinating. In Comparison to the old-style web-serving methods where each connection request produces a different thread, occupying the system RAM and ultimately bringing down the amount of RAM available, Node JS functions on a single-thread, using non-interrupting input/output requests, facilitating it to support thousands of simultaneous connections maintained in the event loop because of is Node JS development company is the first priority for smart engineers.
  • Tech giants and Node JS development company

    • PayPal: PayPal is one of the biggest and most established worldwide systems for Internet Payment processing. This system helps its users to do the money transactions online fast and in a simple way; transacting in beyond 100 currencies.

      As stated by PayPal, their system has above and over 244 million active users (as of second quarter of 2018). The organization has hired Node JS development company to design their client-side web application.

      The Senior Director of Engineering and Payment Products said that Node JS helps them to overcome the boundary between the browser and server by permitting both the server and browser apps to be written in a single platform of JavaScript. It unites the engineering expertise into one team, thus allowing them to understand and provide solutions to their customer’s requirements at any level in the technology pile.

    • LinkedIn:LinkedIn is one of the leading professional and business-directed social networking platforms established in 2002. This platform allows professionals to interact, invite and follow other professionals.

      This platform is offered in 24 dialects and has more than 400 million users in 200 countries. The server part of the mobile app of LinkedIn is designed on Node JS.

      As per the mobile and Node JS development company lead Kiran Prasad, the first most important factor for choosing Node JS is its scalability. The second most important reason is its beyond comparison interaction with other services.

    • Yahoo:Yahoo is an American international technology organization; concentrated and worldwide known for its web app, search browser, and other related functioning. As per Yahoo, their system attracts beyond 500 million users in more than 30 dialects.

      The reason behind choosing Node JS development technology is that it is a scalable tool and very dynamic to use. When a property was moved on Node JS, there was an improvement observed in the performance.

    • Mozilla:Mozilla is a non-profit company, by and large, known for its open-source browser – Firefox which is available for Windows, Linux, Firefox OS, and Android in almost 80 dialects. Firefox is the second most prevalent web browser.

      Mozilla implemented most of their projects on Node JS, one of such projects is Mozilla Persona, which is a cross-platform technology (sign-in).

      As per Mozilla, they decided to hire Node JS development company to use Node JS technology because of its memory footprint and that it was simple and convenient for the whole team to use the same coding language for both client and server implementation.

    • Netflix:Netflix is the world’s largest top of the line video streaming provider, which includes both movies and television series. Netflix is accessible in greater than 190 countries today. Ever since April 2016, Netflix declared that they have over 81 million subscribers across the globe with over and above 46 million in the USA only.

      The complete user interface of Netflix is designed on Node JS. The technology proved to be very effectual for the company, that they are planning to use it in other layers of the stack as well.

      The technical team of Netflix decided to work with Node JS development company because they were confident that with Node JS technology they could make their app lightweight, fast and integrated. As a result, the time that Netflix was taking to start was reduced in the new Netflix app by 70 percent.

    • Uber:Uber is an international online travel and transportation network company established in America. It is currently offering its services in more than 60 countries and 404 cities across the world. Their app pairs commuters with the Uber drivers, who use their own cars.

      When the ride ends, the fare is automatically billed to the commuter’s chosen card or wallet. Being one of the first companies to use Node JS into a full production, they have designed their massive app and system on Node JS.

      As per Uber, Node JS has three biggest strengths – it can process huge data and information swiftly; the code can be inspected, and the errors can be corrected promptly – a restart is not required and hence, Node JS development company developers can deploy the updated or new code continuously; due to being open source, the community is very active and constantly they keep optimizing the Node JS technology.

    • Group On:Group On is an international e-commerce marketplace which connects the customers with the local vendors offering different services in goods, travel etc. at reasonable prices. This company operates in excess of 500 cities of 28 countries globally and has almost 48.1 million lively users. This e-commerce platform features over and above 425,00 deals across the world.

      In June 2015, Group On migrated it complete web and mobile system from Ruby on Rails to a better stack designed in Node JS.

      Group On says that with Node JS it is easy to deploy the code changes independently, making design and feature changes is very simple and less time consuming and the performance of their web pages was augmented by 50 percent.

      Hence, we are hoping that we have succeeded in convincing you to use Node JS for your business implementations after reading the success stories of the top brands. Are you thinking about whether to hire Node JS developers? We have a better solution.

  • Why choose Enuke for a fruitful business solution?

    • If you are looking out to hire Node JS developers, you can contact us. With over 10 years of expertise in the IT and development domain, we excel in providing both web and mobile app solutions.

  • Scalable solutions designed in Node JS

    • Being a Node JS development company, we design the web and mobile apps using Node JS considering the highest expected volume of data. Thus, building a scalable solution. We have experience in implementing both the client and the server part of the application and have delivered a bunch of applications successfully. Our implemented solutions can smoothly handle huge volumes of data, maintaining the performance and giving a satisfying experience to the end users.
  • Focus on improved Data handling

    • Being a Node JS development company, we have the knowledge and understanding of the compatibility of Node JS with the Unix, Windows and OS servers. Hence, we are competent in building improved data exchanges to satisfy the Big Data revolution. We understand the importance of the flexibility is retrieving and storing data.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Management

    • Being a Node JS development company, our solutions implemented in Node JS facilitate an easy management of application that is centered around the input/output. It saves a notable amount of time while uploading or downloading data.

      Since the whole team uses the same coding language, independent check-ins of the updates or new features helps our team to be more productive and efficiently utilize their time.

  • Cost competent business solutions

    • We value our customers because eventually, they are the source of our ‘bread and butter’. Hence while designing the solutions for them, we keep in mind about their budgets. We are always looking forward to providing the most cost-efficient solutions to our customers. And Node JS just serves the purpose well.

      In past, we have helped our customer to bring down their implementation cost by 40 to 60 percent with our cost-saving solutions. We also offer the option to choose between hourly or fixed payment options.