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Restaurant Application Development

Mark your Presence and increase your customer reach with a stand alone app for your restaurant

Restaurant App Development Company


“Mark your Presence online with a stand-alone app for your restaurant.”

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is a leading and promising Restaurant App Development Company, bringing to you the best solutions and services for your own restaurant.  Restaurants around the world are discovering the benefits of Restaurant Mobile Apps developed at Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd.

Think your restaurant doesn’t need a mobile app? Think again!

Mobile apps are rapidly becoming must have for restaurants of all type, small or large. Due to evolving expectations, and improving innovations, mobile apps are becoming an integral part of the restaurant business and to ensure a profitable future, restaurant owners need to embrace mobile apps for a profitable future.

Also, customers are demanding more efficient systems, and hence, it’s time for restaurants to adapt new innovations and technologies, and hire developers to build you a restaurant mobile app.

How can an investment in development of restaurant mobile app be profitable?

A mobile app for your restaurant can boost your profits dramatically. It can help you in numerous ways:

  • Make you stand out from a bunch of other restaurants in your local area, contributing to your brand awareness
  • Get connected to a wider audience making you visible to customers 24×7
  • Interact with customers in innovative ways
  • Create a direct marketing channel between you and your customer. Market your deals, offers and promotions instantly, without any help of flyers or any other media
  • Save time of your employees by providing the facility for easy ordering and easy payment through the mobile app itself, thereby increasing customer service
  • Cultivate customer loyalty and enjoy better customer satisfaction

What are the delights of a restaurant mobile app to customers?

  • Easy Ordering and Delivery: Customers appreciate restaurants that offer a mobile app which allows them to quickly browse through the menu, select the items, customize the orders, place the orders, make payments, and track the status of orders. With a mobile app, all this can happen in just a blink of an eye.
  • Social Media Connectivity: Today, people desire to be more connected, even when they are having food. They just love to share on social media what they are eating and where they are eating. Every customer loves a restaurant connected to all the social media.
  • Easy Payments Options: A lot of payment options; payment through Net Banking, Credit Cards/Debit Cards, integration with PayPal or Google Wallet, and even Cash on Delivery, adds a lot more flexibility to the food delivery app.

Features and user experiences that can be incorporated in my Restaurant Food Delivery App?

  • Yummilicious browsing experience
  • Chef Recommendations and Best Dishes
  • Specials and Events, informing about special dishes of the day and events happening at your restaurants
  • Online ordering and delivery
  • Reserving Tables through the app
  • Social servings on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, etc.
  • Tracking the order
  • Easy payment options
  • Review and rating section, so it can help other customers to place an order

In short, mobile apps are a great and convenient way to capture audience to your business. So, take advantages of new innovations and hire developers to build a mobile app for your restaurant now.

As a Restaurant App Development Company, Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. designs and develops a fully customizable and highly polished mobile app for your restaurant with back-end support as well, which allows restaurant owners to easily add/remove menu items, change the description and price of a menu item, add deals and offers, respond to customer’s reviews and messages, and send push notifications.

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is a leading and professional Restaurant App Development Company with a team of innovative designers and technically expert developers, having experience of more than 7 years in the industry!

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