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B2C Travel Portal Development Company

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is a leading and promising B2C Travel Portal Development Company. Enuke Software brings to you the best solutions and services for your own B2C travel portals. B2C Travel Portals developed at Enuke Software can empower tourists and travellers to become their own travel agent.

B2C Travel Portal Mobile Apps

Travel and tourism is one of the biggest revenue generators in the world, and people these days don’t want to go through the trouble of standing into lines for tickets and bookings, or going to a travel agency. Online travel is rapidly growing mobile. People just prefer to go online and plan their entire trip being in their comfort zone, saving a lot of time and hassle.

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B2C Travel Portals are internet based mobile apps that allow users to plan and organise their trips at great convenience. B2C Travel Portals makes travel planning easier and ensure that people around the world have the best trip experience, providing organised trips and seamless travel. Travel Portals where people can plan and organise their own trips have become a buzz of the town.

B2C travel portals interact directly with people without involving travel agents at all. They have vast information about best possible travel destinations, transportation arrangements, and accommodations.

B2C Travel Portals Module Features:

  1. Flight Booking – Domestic and International
  2. Hotel Booking – Domestic and International
  3. Flight and Hotel Booking – Combinations
  4. Bus Ticketing
  5. Car Renting
  6. Travel Insurance
  7. Secured Payment Gateway
  8. Registered and Guest Users Management
  9. Offers, Bookings and Cancellations
  10. List of must have items for the trip
  11. Forex – Foreign Money Exchange

People around the world are putting their trust to B2C travel Portals because, other than being easier and convenient to use, they provide a secure online booking and payment system.

I have a B2C Travel Portal website. Do I need a mobile app as well?

These days, internet and smartphones have turned everybody into their own travel agents. According to researches, searches for hotel rooms and airline tickets from smartphones and tablets are growing double in numbers, and about two-thirds of the travellers are more likely to book their trips on mobile.

Also, a person using a smartphone usually books a service faster as compared to people using a computer. Considering the fact that smartphones have transformed nearly all facets of life including travel, you really can’t afford to not to have a B2C travel Portal if you want to make good profits from your business.

In case you don’t have your B2c Travel Portal by now, it’s high time to gear up. We are here at your service!

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd., as a B2C Travel Portal Development Company, develops user friendly and interactive travel portal mobile apps that allow travellers and tourists to plan and manage trip themselves without the involvement of any travel agent at all. We offer you the right tools, engines and solutions for faster browsing, bookings, payments and other services.

I hope above B2C Travel portal development company would help you.