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The car rental market is booming and staying behind is not an option. Opting for a car rental app development is the right choice
to leverage the market.


The global car rental industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% during the forecast period in 2019-2024, reaching approx. $125-$160 billion in 2022. People are becoming aware and concerned about the emissions from vehicles and are opting for car rental and carpooling.

Enuke Software, a leading Car Rental App Development Company, develops innovative car rental apps that simplify the search for rental cars by smartphone users around the world while your app gains credibility and trust of your customers. A mobile app for your Car Rental business helps you to acquire new customers, display your services; working timings; working areas and locations; and everything that you provide to your customers, saving your time and effort as well as that of your customers. It also creates a great marketing tool for your business.


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Types Of Car Rental

We offer end-to-end car rental app development solutions that cater to the diverse needs of your customers.

Personal Car Rentals

For your customers who want to drive themselves, a self-drive rental car app can offer different cars at a transparent price.


Outstation Car Rentals

When your customers wish to travel to a different place outstation car rental service provided by your business is their go-to option.


Corporate Car Rentals

Car rental to serve your corporate customers and provide them a seamless car rental experience.

app look like

Long-Term Car Rentals

Monthly or Yearly car rentals to provide a best-in-class experience while your business grows with a car rental app.


Local Car Rentals

Provide your customers with an option to book cars on an hourly, full or half-day basis to meet their local travel needs.


P2P Car Rentals

Create a peer-to-peer car renting environment by connecting car owners and car renters through your app.

Car Rental App Services

Your car rental app would ensure a seamless experience to your customers through a wide range of services it would offer.

  • People can quickly search for cars at any location using a PIN code, airport code, city or a particular location
  • Reservations can easily be locked right from the app
  • Allows your customers to pick cars based on their location
  • Lets individuals rent out their cars when not in use. This eventually increases your business, decreasing your costing.
  • Maintains a record of your drivers and cars, and send the relevant details of car and driver being hired to the customer
  • GPS locator to locate a particular place. GPS tracker to let you customers know the whereabouts of the car
  • Informs about rental policies

Essential Features On Your Car Rental App

Your car rental application will offer a combination of basic and advanced features to the users with a customer panel, driver panel, and an admin panel. We can customize your car rental app with advanced features and integrations based on your business requirements.


Car Type Option

To enable customers to make online payments with ease.


Advance Booking

An option to schedule bookings in


Real-Time Location

For customers to track and share the location of the car.


Doorstep Delivery

An option for the self-drive car to be delivered at the door-step.


Document Upload

Enables customers to upload required documents for self-drive car rental.


Dynamic Pricing

Moderates demand and supply with dynamic fares.

Technologies We Work On



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Understanding the basics of Car Rental App development

To develop a car rental app you need to perform business analysis and hire an expert car rental development company to design and develop a viable app for your business. You need to decide the platforms you want your app to be available on and the key features to go on the app to make your app stand out.

With the heavy reliance of people on smartphones for everything they require, car rental apps have become important to cater to their diverse traveling needs. Car rental mobile apps provide convenience and easy accessibility to customers, enhance customer engagement and acquisition, increase brand visibility and customer retention. Therefore, to stay ahead of the curve, a travel business should develop a car rental mobile app.

The cost to develop a car rental app will differ based on the requirements of your business. A car rental development company will provide cost estimates after the features and functionality of your app has been decided, the other factors would also include the location of the app development company, the platforms you require your app to be available on and so on.

The features that go on your app decide the level of convenience it would provide to your customers. Some of the key features to have on a car rental app are Real-time tracking, door-step delivery, advance booking, multiple payment gateways, dynamic fares, multiple car types, etc

While many car rental app development companies claim to provide the best services, however, the quality of service they provide depends on your business requirements. While hiring one out of the many app development companies, you must consider the experience and reputation that the company holds in the market, the number of clients and global presence, projects completed successfully, etc.

With the convenience smartphones have brought into our lives, we prefer using them in all aspects of life. People now prefer to rent cars to save the cost of owning a car which has created a hype for car rental apps. Some of the famous car rental apps for Android and iPhone in the market are Getaround, Hertz, Zipcar, RelayRides, CarRentals, Turo, etc.

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