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Compatible with working on all platforms- Android, iOS or Windows


For Enterprises

Ensuring team collaboration with features of group chat and easy sharing of documents, providing proper channel of coordination between remote and global teams.

In-app Messaging

A channel where user can communicate about the Product or Service in real time and can  enjoy high customer engagement due to larger proliferation.

Social Chat

Get social with friends and family and share multimedia messages, calls, video chats and much more with a social chat having features similar to WhatsApp.

Basic Features of a Good Chatting Application

Chatting apps not just offer a platform to send texts, but also images, audios, videos, and contacts, all in real time. People don’t have to wait for message to be delivered and don’t have to think about additional charges. Plus, they work on all network platforms – 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi.

Chatting apps have made texting a lot easier. Any message sent with chatting apps is sent almost instantly providing more friendly customer user interface providing seamless communication between persons. One can also get instant feedback on their messages which makes it important for quick and easy connection between friends.

Chatting apps allow both 1 on 1 chats and group chats. You can chat with a person individually or can create a group of various people of same interest. Messaging in group allows you to send a message to large number of people in the same go saving the time and effort to type the same message again and again. So that one can have a whole separate group for cousins, school friends, college friends, colleagues, fellow movie lovers and others.

Any type of file can be sent over chatting apps. They are best for instant multimedia sharing. Multimedia sharing involves sharing of pictures, audio files, videos, and contacts.

Emoticons depict the human expressions in a comical way. They are easy to decode, interesting to use and make text writing lighter for the people using apps. Chatting apps come flooded with a lot of emoticons and stickers so you can express your emotions. They make the whole experience of messaging amazing and full of fun.

All the messages and files are transmitted on secure server, thereby, keeping them secure. Once downloaded, every multimedia file is automatically saved onto the device or on SD card. Chatting apps maintains your chat history, and takes and automatic back up of your chats and contacts. Back up can be taken even manually.

Modern chatting apps allow users to make free voice and video calls. They use internet connection to make and receive calls and hence, no additional charges are incurred. Group calls can be done with a lot and requires minimum information like the phone number and email address.

Chatting apps let you select your privacy options. They let you choose if you want your personal information to be public or private or be shown to your friends only. You can even share your location with family and friends and let them know of your whereabouts.



MyMate is a messaging application fully updated with interactive and unique features. It is a fun, private and secure app to stay connected.


Key Features of MyMate

Conference Chat Room allows to add upto 25 people for a discussion. Bookmark any important message, video, image, location etc. Address book is used to sync contacts within the app automatically. With Push notifications, the user is always connected with the app. Efficient Multimedia sharing options

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