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Drupal Web Development Company

Open source CMS Drupal has traveled so far in its journey. Initially released in 2001, Drupal Core now powers 2% of the total websites in the world. And this mere 2% comprises of 630,000+ users and developers alone. All impressed with performance and features like ease-of-use and minimal coding offered by Drupal Core.

Drupal is supported by thousands of modules as it runs on core installation. To administrate and run a Drupal site it is not prior that you must have a programming experience. This is the ultimate reason for choosing Drupal by many websites ranging from start-ups to businesses, government and many educational organizations and even the White House of United States.

Drupal CMS Benefits

For rapid site assembly and flexibility in Drupal core it has been continuously adopted by many Drupal web design company all over the world. Not just this Drupal development offers many handy features which has been the main point of attraction for users and developers worldwide.

  • Easy to handleEasy to use content management system including video, texts, podcast blogs etc.
  • FlexibilityDrupal 7 themes have made website administration very convenient. Multi-roles can be assigned to users as well as admin can restrict the data to be shared.
  • User centricNew dynamic user engaging websites can be made with presentation layers by Drupal web designers.
  • Add-onsDrupal supports search engine connection and other feature like RSS feeds integration, so that social networking is never too far again.
  • User ExperienceWith integration of jQuery and jQuery UI it enables you to push the limits of user experience further to next level of Drupal development.
  • Mobile Phone FriendlyDrupal is mobile phone as well as tablet ready, as it offers many additional features and resources. So no need of separate resources for mobile website Design Company is required.

What’s coming Next in Drupal?

With the next version of Drupal Core as Drupal 8 the users and Drupal web development companies are expecting much more from Drupal Developers. The release of version 8 Drupal will emerge as a very powerful Content Management System than any before. Drupal founder Chris Buytaert is looking forward to provide Drupal 8 as the core for web Design Company to focus on more attractive and customer centric websites in the near future.