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E-Prescription Application Development

Enuke is providing new definitions to health care and taking it to new levels with most advanced e-prescription apps.

E-Prescription App Development Company

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is the best Health E-Prescription App Development Company which is advanced enough to match all the requirements of revolutionizing Health Care industry.

Smartphones have become ubiquitous technology which is impacting the functioning of Health Industry as well. Smartphones are revolutionizing the traditional styles of doctors, practitioners, pharmacists, and even patients.

E-Prescription or Electronic Prescription technology is making Health Care a lot easier because it seeks to connect all the patient’s health care providers facilitating accurate and efficient decision making.

E-Prescription is the process of electronically generating a prescription and sending it to the pharmacist or patient. The prescription generated through e-prescription is more accurate, error-free and understandable. The aim of e-prescribing app is to reduce the risks involved in traditional prescription writing. Since, there is no written or oral communication involved; e-prescribing enhances quality of care, ensuring patient safety.

Health Care systems and physicians throughout the world are turning to EHR (Electronic Health Records) software to collect and maintain health information digitally.

Some of the amazing functions of E-prescription systems:

  • Transmit safe and efficient prescriptions with just a few taps
  • Generate a complete medication list with dosage and all other details
  • Review patient’s history and current medication and health care information
  • Renew a prescription or modify some old prescription
  • Mark the pharmacy from where the prescription will be filled
  • Easily follow up with patients regarding their health status and provide support
  • Built-in Dosing calculator
  • Built-in pharmacy look-up to look for pharmacies providing particular drugs

Benefits of E-prescription systems:

  • E-prescribing software is a powerful tool which helps to safely and efficiently manage patients’ records and medications
  • E-prescribing is much accurate, reliable and safe than paper prescribing ensuring safety and medication compliance, and reducing health care costs
  • Saves a lot of time – both for doctors, their staff, and patients
  • Tempering with prescriptions is nearly impossible with e-prescribing software
  • Increases patients’ convenience
  • Streamlines workflow processes and allows more mobility – with e-prescription apps on their devices, prescribers can write and renew prescriptions from just about anywhere
  • Allows access to patients’ health records and medication history
  • Automatically checks for drug-to-drug interactions, drug side effects, and drug allergies
  • Convenient and flexible for patients as they the all the advice and medications quickly
  • E-prescription apps or e-prescription software remember your favourite drugs so you can fill our prescriptions quickly and easily
  • Makes understanding a patient’s history easier, even if they have ever seen by other doctor
  • Allows simple refills – patients can request refills through the system, without time consuming appointments and phone calls
  • Save recurring prescription formats for reuse to make the process quicker

E-prescription apps or e-prescription software developed at some experienced Health E-Prescription App Development Company allows physicians to generate and send accurate prescriptions from any internet connected computer or smartphone, saving time, improving communication and increasing patient satisfaction.

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd., Health e-prescription App Development Company, provides the perfect technologies and tools which helps doctors or prescribers to take informed steps and make proper decisions to manage Health Care.

We aim to develop e-prescribing apps which are meaningful for doctors and truly exceed industry standards for electronic prescribing. Our vast team of designers and developers tailor the perfect e-prescription software and e-prescription apps for the ease of doctors and patients.