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e-Prescription Software

Backed with vast experience and fully up-to-date skills- set, we, at Enuke Software offer the best in class E-Prescription solution for your health care business. When health is concerned, we leave no stones unturned to ensure the best performance of our E-Prescription application

Features of E-Prescription Software

Paperless Patient Records

An e-prescription comes with all the nitty-gritty medical details of the patient along with all the medical history .

New RX

If there are no requirement refills, the doctors have the full flexibility to provide new e-prescription to the pharmacists.


Based on the patient’s current medical condition, doctors can immediately update the digital prescription remotely.

Patient Prescription History

E-Prescription stores all the past prescription of the patient and doctor can access it at anytime from anywhere.

Dosage Refill Reminder

It ensures that the doctor is always notified on-time about the dosage refill for the particular patient.

Reminder for schedule Appointments

It reminds both doctors and patients about the scheduled appointment so that they won’t miss it by chance.



Staying Informed: Our E-Prescription keeps the patients
completely informed about the doctors, insurance, personal
details and updated prescriptions, etc.

Notify the doctors: Patients can update the present conditions to
notify the doctors instantly.

Order Medications: Patients can order medicines with just few
tabs from the pharmacists and get it delivered.

Instant Test Report Update: Patients can upload the report of
most recent test to Prescription and have the appropriate
medications immediately.


Keeps You On-track- be it dosage time, appointment alert, or any
other crucial alerts, doctors get the immediate notification.

Stores Allergy history of Patients: Doctor can see all the medicinal
and allergy history of the patients so that can provide right

Check and Edit The Prescription: Doctors can see the all
prescription records of a patient.

No Prescription-errors: It detects out of range dosages and
duplicate drugs and eliminates automatically.



A Comprehensive Dashboard: The dashboard allows to manage
the pharmacy business without any hassles.

Growing New Customers: Patients using our app would likely to
order prescribed drugs from your store.

No Chance of Prescription Reading Error: A lot of times, it has
happened a lot times pharmacist dispense wrong medicines due
to handwriting on pen and paper prescription.

Record Management: E-prescription helps pharmacists manage
the records in a most efficient and mistake-free manner.


All Access To Management: Patients, doctors and pharmacy, all
admin can manage anything from a single dashboard.

Reviews Management: it allows you to manage all the reviews.

Payment Access: Only admin has the payment log access.

Content: You can manage the content of the entire panel.


When New Age Technology Meets Total Innovation

Any manual error involved with traditional, paper-based prescription service put the patient’s life at risk. When the health is concerned, our E-Prescription application leaves no room for any mistake, not even a micro-mistake also. Our E-prescription technology gives the ability to send 100% error-free and in-details prescription electronically from health-care providers to pharmacists.

Our Software team works with dedication to infuse innovation to the new-age technology, which can add real value to your business by making the whole process super-convenient and time-consuming.

Esteemed CLients

E-Prescription Software Benefites

Highly user-friendly UI with straight forward
installation and set up process

Smart re-prescribing feature for medical

Doctors can cancel the prescribed medicine
immediately with e-cancel.

It adds great convenience to the patient’s

Ensures no-more need of handwritten

Supports online payment

Builds a continuous communication channel
between patients, doctors, and pharmacists.

Patients and pharmacists receive the
instant-updated electronic prescription.

Stores all the vital medical records of patients

Comes with the built-in dosage calculator

Leaves no chance for errors

Ontime notification for the next appointment


Enuke has performed amazing feats in the development of the eBroselow system. It is the most exceptional team I have ever worked with. Besides high quality code, they have shown superb communication skills – both in general and also in the English language.

Peter Lazar

An excellent company to work with from start to finish. The site I needed them to create was complex and they exceeded all of my expectations with the finished product. I already have plans on the next phase that will include ENuke Technology again. I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering starting a project.

Brad Robertson

ENuke has amazed me with their professionalism and technical knowledge They really create excellent websites and databases.They helped me keep my project near my budget and made many useful suggestions. Their input as to the functionality of my project was invaluable. They are superb coders with excellent communication skills.

Chris Mcknight Owner

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