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Helping our clients build next-gen fitness solutions

As per research, the global smart fitness devices market is expected to generate a volume of USD 29.4 billion by 2025. Enuke is working with startups and companies which are defining the future of the fitness
industry with connected devices, wearables, AI, AR, and VR.

Have an idea which can help to make the world healthier? Let’s work together to make it a reality!!!

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We created an exemplary fitness app for a reputed fitness brand in the USA which increased their mobile user base by 60% and memberships by 20%.

The challenge was to offer value through a comprehensive fitness app to our client’s users. We developed a coherent fitness app that offers an exceptional workout experience, diet planning, and activity tracking to its
users. The app received more than 30k app downloads in a month and helped the fitness brand grow their mobile user base by 60%.
The increase in the user base and memberships also led to a 32% increase in profitability.

The ultimate fitness app we created, enables users to access workouts, personalized meal plans, self-care guidance, whole-body health, and more with just a few taps on their devices. The main focus of the app was
catering to the diverse health, fitness, and wellness needs of fitness enthusiasts on a single platform. Take a look at our case study to know more about the fitness app we developed.

Fitness app key features:

  • Workout Regime
  • Activity Tracking
  • Diet and Nutrition

Technology Used:

  • JavaScript
  • GPS
  • React Native
  • Google Fit API

The Future of Fitness


Wearables and connected devices

Set fitness goals and track workout and activities through wearable devices.


Online Training

Provide virtual online training and take individual and group fitness sessions.


Mental Fitness

Relax your mind, stimulate the brain, and improve your mental well being.


Activity Tracking

Keep a track of the daily activity with real-time statistics on walks, runs, route, elevations, speed, etc.


Personalized Nutrition Plans

Form personalized diet and nutrition plans as per the body requirements and food preferences.


Virtual Reality

Create a virtual world which helps you train in your favorite environment from the comfort of your location.



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Why Fitness Entrepreneurs Rely On Us?

We offer fitness solutions that are centered around the future of fitness and have a faster time to market. We take into consideration all your apprehensions and curate personalized fitness solutions based on your
requirements and market trends.


Transparent Pricing

We believe in a policy of transparent pricing and provide estimates of development costs without any hidden costs.


Support & Maintenance

We extend our technical support even after the app has been launched and delivered and is available if you need any help.


Predictive Analytics

The predictive analytics in our fitness apps help you enhance user engagement and productivity.


Market Reputation

Enuke enjoys a good market reputation and is present on popular B2B ratings and reviews platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms.


How to ensure the success of your app?


Select niche and research

Based on your idea, we help you select a niche and perform research on the market and your competitors, and evaluate the potential of the idea.


Validate the idea

We validate your idea through surveys, interviews, social media sites, etc, and get opinions of your target audience.


Define the app essentials

At the next step, we define the monetization strategy of the app, business model, and the key features you require.


Hiring a partner/company

Consult and hire the right fitness and wellness app development company that can shape your idea into a viable app with a well-defined execution strategy.


Choose the technology stack

With the expertise of the company, you choose the best technology stack to build a secure, scalable, and reliable app.


Create your MVP product

The designers and developers help you create an MVP app to minimize your risks and evaluate how the app is performing in the market.

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87.4 million users in the US use fitness apps and 67.3% of Americans engage in fitness-related activities. Do you also want to leverage these statistics?


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